Open Courses are going to Malatya!

Open Courses are going to Malatya!

"We are going through a period of significant political and economic turmoil in our country and in the world. In this process, while the social distances between different social groups are increasing, cultural and social tensions and conflicts are also increasing rapidly. As the experiences are shared, as the 'ones from us' come together and come into contact with the 'not from us', conflicts can be replaced by tolerance and mutual understanding. So the only way out of difficult times is through compromise. " A series of speeches entitled Boğaziçi Chronicles, Boğaziçi Lectures and Open Lecture will be supported by Tekfen Holding under the name 'Powered by Tekfen' and dedicated to the late Feyyaz Berker, one of the founders of Tekfen.

In the booklet explaining the purpose of these speeches, Boğaziçi University Culture and Art Commission summarized the reasons why they started such a program with the above sentences. I think these sentences would summarize the situation we live in today.

The previous day, the two daughters of Feyyaz Berker Şebnem Berker and Meltem Berker in the building of the Rectorate of Boğaziçi University, Vahide Gigin, the daughter of one of the founders Nihat Gökyiğit, the Rector of Boğaziçi University. Dr. Mehmed Özkan, Professor Dr. Zafer Yenal, Feyyaz Berker was commemorated with a large group including Tekfen Holding Chairman Murat Gigin and the Powered by Tekfen project, one of the most meaningful examples of university-private sector cooperation, was explained.

Feyyaz Berker contributed most to his education during his lifetime. Democracy, polyphony, reconciliation culture, open dialogue and debate, gentlemanly and sportsmanship, tolerance, volunteering have been identified with Berker throughout his life.

His contributions to Boğaziçi University and students are quite high. I think he would have been very happy if he had been supporting these activities that would contribute to the development of a discussion environment in both domestic and foreign public opinion on current, social and scientific issues. I know that you have made Nihat Gökyiğit, the number one defender of nature, one of the founders of TEMA very happy. Moreover, Open Courses will go to Anatolia and I learn that the first lesson is in Malatya. Get clear.

Turkey's cultural and artistic life of the organization that supports seamless important to do the Akbank Jazz Festival last week's opening. When I chatted with Pınar Anapa, Akbank Executive Vice President, I learned that Akbank changed its Human Resources name to 'Human and Culture'. I liked this change because it was unlikely that human resources were too antipathic to me. When Anapa became the Assistant General Manager responsible for Human and Culture, the number of women among Akbank's 12 Assistant General Managers increased to 5. I find all the steps taken in the business world with equality between men and women very valuable.

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