Official: It is officially a violation to cheat on Russian camouflage profiles for online sympathy vote -

Official: It is officially a violation to cheat on Russian camouflage profiles for online sympathy vote -

The candidate supported by Fidesz wanted to win the facebook sympathy vote in Hódmezővásárhely by Russian ballot votes, but eventually the electoral committee, owing to the objection of the HCLU, considered it to be campaign activity and also violates the principles of the election.

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Although he claims to have received educational votes, the Csongrád County Territorial Election Committee (TVB) nevertheless denounced Árpád Daru for hacking an internet vote, against the decision rejecting the complaint.

Vásárhelyi voted for a change in the Facebook group at the end of August to find out who the more sympathetic downtown candidate is, János Mester, a candidate for the "Everybody's Hungary Movement" or Árpád Daru, a member of the I Love Marketplace Association, supported by Fidesz. Master gained a significant advantage, but Daru soon worked his way down, but among those who voted for him were strikingly Russian, female profiles that looked like a camouflage profile.

The crane himself did not deny this: he said earlier that he himself had bought a service from a company that sent him camouflage votes, which he said was legal.

It was a good joke to reverse the vote, but I also wanted to point out how easy it was to vote on the site and how easy it was to influence the vote of the shopper.

At first, TVB thought that voting on Facebook was not a campaign activity because it was created by individuals, but the HCLU appealed. The committee accepted the argument that buying a politician's vote is a campaign activity and, by unlawfully distorting the end result, also violates the principles of the election. The HCLU argued that the purchase of votes violates the principles of good faith and due process of the Electoral Procedure Act and of equality of opportunity between candidates and nominees.

In today's world, choices are made based on messages in social media. TVB has also recognized the value of online platforms and the need to address them as much as offline campaigns, quoted Daniel Döbrentey, a lawyer at the HCLU, as saying.

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