Officers raped a 17-year-old volleyball player

Officers raped a 17-year-old volleyball player

According to information, in the early hours of August 26, three law enforcement officers ran into a girl and a youth who had been alone on the beach in the village of Vityazevo. The police threatened them with criminal charges for indecent behavior in a public place. After a brief discussion, the boy was allowed to go. The girl also asked the police to release her, but two of them dropped her on the ground and fornicated with her. The third was not involved in the rape but was standing nearby.

The victim is a competitor from the Moscow Region Beach Volleyball Team who arrived in Anapa for the finals of the national championship. After she was able to get to the base of the team at the sports and recreational complex "Volleygrad", the girl told about the incident of her trainer, who called the police.

An investigation has been launched into the case and three law enforcement officials have already been fired. Measures will also be taken against their direct superiors. The head of the Ministry of Interior, responsible for Anapa, was also removed from his post.

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