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Those who want to watch television on Saturday, October 19 started to investigate what was happening on Star Tv. On Star Tv & nbsp; what is it today What are Star TV series, movies, programs? All the curious are in the details of the news ...

& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Raven (Wednesday 20.00)
& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Courtyard (Thursday 20.00)
& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; My Sweet Lies (Thursday 20.00)
& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Early Bird (Saturday 20.00)
& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Sibling Children (Sunday 20.00)
& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; If my husband does it (15:00 on weekdays)
& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Do not hear (11.00 on weekdays)
& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Crime Scene Balçiçek İlter (Weekdays 13.00)
& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; A Hülya Avşar Chat (Saturday 00.15)
& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Star Life (Saturday 10.00)
& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Fashion with Tulin Sahin (Saturday 12.15)
& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Mesut Yar Sunar (Sunday 08.00)
& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Woman with Özlem Denizmen (Sunday 10.30)
& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Happiness at Home with Vahe (Sunday 12.15)
Satellite Name: Türksat 4A
Location: 42 ⁰ East
Receiving Frequency: 12.015 MHz
Polarization: Horizontal (H)
Symbol Rate: 27.500 Ksym / s
FEC value: 5/6
DIGITURK - 27 Channels (Digiturk HD 27 or 327
D-SMART - 24 Channels (D-Smart HD 24 or 424)
TELEDUNYA - 26 Channels
KABLOTV - S-10 Band
TİVİBU - 27 Channels

Star TV, March 1, was founded in 1989 by Cem Uzan and Ahmet Ozal, Turkey's first private television channel. All national channels broadcasting in Turkey, especially sequences, competition programs and excels with UEFA Champions League match broadcast.

Star TV, Liechtenstein by 50,000 Swiss francs which was established in the capital by March 1, 1989 Magic Box Incorporated AG company named as Turkey's first private television channel, "Star 1" was founded with the name and on May 7, 1990 via Germany, started test broadcasting between 18:00 and 23:00 every day. [2] Broadcasting period was increased to 12 hours on May 11 and broadcasting times were between 13:00 and 01:00. [3] It started broadcasting on August 4, 1990. Magic Box Incorporated AG as the representative of Turkey was founded in early December 1990, Magic Box International's boss, the owner of Rumeli Holding Cem Uzan, Construction and Trade Co., whose father owns Bank for Reconstruction and Adabank Kemal Uzan and Turgut Özal's eldest son was Ahmet Özal.

According to Article 133 of the Constitution, because in Turkey, TRT radio and television broadcasts in the hands of private television kurulamıyordu. Again constitution by all transmitters in Turkey TRT TRT is in the hands of the image transfer from Turkey to Germany, "according to the Constitution, private Radio and TV ban" did not allow such a justification. Organizations such as PTT / Telekom were doing these transfers in Europe. With the instruction of Turgut Özal, with the law numbered 3517, the radio and television transmitters of TRT and the authority of terrestrial links, satellite management and frequency allocations were transferred to PTT. PTT earned in subsequent years with the authority of Turksat to Turkey. Thus, Magic Box News images were made over Deutschland Telekom with a link leased from PTT. Daily videos of the news started to be published on Star 1. TRT transmitters are never used because it was broadcast from Eutelsat satellites in Turkey from Germany 60 cm in diameter dish antennas and satellite receivers could be monitored. SHP executives of the time filed closure cases in many provinces such as Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir upon the words of their chairman Erdal İnönü's "pirate TV". However Kırıkkale made by a court expert reports that were broadcast from Turkey and a decision can not be shut down. When this decision was approved by the Supreme Court, there was no legal obstacle to the Magic Box broadcasts and satellite broadcasts from abroad. The prime minister Suleyman Demirel, in this case the Davos meeting "De Facto" a situation was much evidence of the voice of democracy in Turkey. "He Constitution and gave replacing instructions of the law. The Constitution has changed, 3984 RTÜK law of Article 25 of the Turkish Grand National Assembly adopted gut level was President Turgut Özal passed away Süleyman Demirel as President, Tansu Çiller DYP Chairman and Prime Minister made this law accepted and enacted in 1994.

Star started the first test broadcast, Germany's Ludwigshafen Eutelsat F-5 satellite images given to the CFE studio in the city reflect on Turkey from this city in the first period and could be followed only with special satellite antenna. Article 133 of the constitution mentioned that TRT's broadcasting monopoly prevail in the country yet to begin broadcasting a television special, has been a major turning point affecting the future of Turkey in terms of communication. In Magic Box, which is claimed to be founded with an investment of 100 billion TL; Tunca Toskay, who started with the title of the company's chairman and general coordinator of Star 1, seemed to have gathered almost all of his former team in TRT. In addition to Mehmet Turan Akköprülü, who is the general manager, Ekrem Çatay and Adem Gürses took on important roles in the new channel. Star 1, announcing that it will be published in September, has broadcasted plenty of foreign music clips with NBA matches in its test broadcasts for 12 hours a day (between 13:00 and 01:00). In the meantime, advertisement spots made with many athletes, writers and journalists, especially cinema actors, frequently came to the Star 1 screen for the promotion of the new channel.

In fact, it is impossible to imagine that the president of the channel, Turgut Özal, was not involved in the incident that the establishment of the channel was not subject to any formal blocking. Turgut Özal; It was he who took Cem Duna as the prime minister of Tunca after choosing TRT general manager, and prepared a feasibility report for his private television broadcasts. However, Tunca Toskay especially tried to emphasize that Ahmet Özal had no organic ties with the Magic Box in all interviews with him. As a matter of fact, it became clear at the end of 1991 that Ahmet Özal had a 50% partnership in the company and had the authority to sign with Cem Uzan for the payments over 100 thousand dollars, but the two partners fell into conflict.

Star 1, which started trial broadcasts in May, started broadcasting pink series such as Santa Barbara, Ring of Fire, Stingy, Mirror Face as of July 1990. The unrest in TRT, which faced competition for the first time with the establishment of a private channel; After Alp Buğdaycı, Kaan Yakupoğulları and Rana Elik, Gülgün Feyman and Müge Oruçkaptan also started to increase with the removal of announcers. However, the last straw carrying the glass; Star 1 of Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Besiktas and Trabzonspor, especially many Turkey 1 Football League to sign a rebroadcast agreement with the team on the August 4 Saturday in a special cup match between Galatasaray-Fenerbahce has been broadcast live. In addition, Star 1 went live with this match. [4] TRT, which had only verbally opposed the new channel until that day, applied to the court to close the new channel on the grounds that it "broke the monopoly of the broadcast". Meanwhile, the Constitutional Court, which examined the objection made by the SHP, decided to return the transmitters and reflectors transferred to PTT with the law numbered 3517 enacted by the ANAP Government (2nd Özal Government). (The donors' return to TRT will only take place on June 25, 1992, namely during the DYP-SHP coalition.) On this unexpected development, Magic Box, which advertised newspapers full-page, said, "Star-1 has nothing to do with donors and reflectors. Broadcasts are made directly by satellite system. " he made the announcement.

Star 1, which increased its broadcasting time in September, started to be watched with normal antennas in that area with the reflectors established by the Adalar and Bakırköy municipalities, and the estimated number of spectators approached 5 million. At a time when the private television broadcasts were still legal or not, those who provided this service were Recep Koç from ANAS Mayor and Yıldırım Aktuna from Bakırköy Mayor SHP.

On Saturday, October 6, 1990, both TRT and Star 1 started a new broadcast period and entered into a great competition. Competitors of TRT's 5 available channels, Magic Box, foreign series such as "All My Children" ("All My Children"), "Hospital Diary" ("General Hospital"), "Aircraft Carrier" ("Super Carrier") and has published several clips. In fact, he started the TV show "Dallas" on Sunday, September 23, 1990, two weeks before the new broadcasting period, to annoy the competition and attract more audiences.

Star 1 declared that the number of spectators reached 20 million with the advertisements given to the newspapers in the last days of December, and announced that it would present two BMW and three Mazda cars to its viewers on 91 New Year's Eve farewell to 1990. In order to increase the competition with TRT, eleven dancers brought the screen to the New Year's Eve. TRT released a single belly dancer (Buse Başar) that night. Kerim Aydın Erdem, TRT general manager of the period, preferred to define this situation as "competition with private channels".

In 1992, Cem Uzan ended his partnership with Ahmet Özal, and after a long court process, Ahmet Özal went to Germany and registered the name Star 1, [7] who was aware of this development, changed the name of the channel to InterStar (1992) overnight. .

Star TV changed its logo in dark blue and on the lower right corner on September 13, 1992. In the period of Cem Uzan, it was decided to change the logo to red in the upper left corner with EuroStar after the 15-day closing penalty issued by RTÜK due to "broadcasting serving a special purpose and causing unfair competition".

Many thematic channels, such as Kral TV, Teleon TV, were also released from Star TV and continued their broadcasts with programs prepared by the technical staff and programmers of this television. In 1999, the first to digital broadcasting in Turkey Star TV, a fully digital broadcasting in the past 11 November, 2003.

UEFA Champions League in Turkey, since you founded the organization (1993-1994 football season) has published Star TV and Star TV broadcast rights belong to the league until 2015. Between 1991-2002, he released his movies under the sponsorship name of "Parliament Cinema Club", and after his name changed "Star TV" and changed his logo on "January 17, 2002", the advertising partnership ended.

On 14 February 2004, with the TMSF's seizure of all companies owned by Uzan Holding, it was transferred to the state by Doğan Yayın Holding for a 306.5 million USD with a tender held on 26 September 2005. After purchasing the channel, Doğan Yayın Holding transferred some TV series and programs from its own channel, Kanal D, to Star TV. My Magic Mom, one of the most watched TV series of Kanal D, was transferred to Star TV. This event has passed to the history of Turkish television as the first "in house" transfer between the two channels of Doğan Yayın Holding.

EuroStar, which broadcasts for Turks in Europe, was opened on March 1, 2006.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary on May 26, 2009, Star TV launched its first "Web TV" application among Turkish television channels in September 2009, allowing its viewers to watch videos with up-to-date content. It was also the "first television channel" to launch the "Video Archive" site. The most important feature of the "Video Archive" site is that it offers everyone the opportunity to create a private archive and everyone has the opportunity to access past programs by label or date.

Uğur Dundar presented Star Haber on weekdays and Nazlı Çelik on weekends. Uğur Dündar presented the Arena program every Monday night. Sports Manager was Ertem Şener, who also presented UEFA Champions League matches as a sports speaker on the channel. Other football matches of the channel were Sabri Ugan and Sports Intelligence Chief Uğur Önver.

As a result of the agreements signed, 99.99 percent of Işıl Television Broadcasting Inc., which includes Star TV, was sold to Doğuş Broadcasting Group for $ 327 million on October 17, 2011.

With the sale of the channel to Doğuş Publishing Group, Uğur Dündar Star left the Main News. Since 19 October 2011, Star Main News has been offered by Nazlı Çelik on weekdays. As of November 21, 2011, Seda Ogretmen started to present her weekend news.

Star TV, which changed its broadcast content after moving to Doğuş Broadcasting Group, also changed the programs it broadcast. Other national channels planning to broadcast outside the editorial policy of Star TV, has announced that Turkey aims to become ABC's version. He decided to add the Little Things to be prepared and presented by Melek and Üstün Dökmen, a morning generation program that Melek Baykal would present in the morning zone. He brought back the "Sunday Night Cinema" program, which was released in the period of the Uzan Group and later in the period of Doğan Yayın Holding. In addition, he also launched "Dreams Cinema Generation", where various animated films were released for cartoon lovers. He removed some series from the broadcast and added some new series. The management transferred the series to Star TV because it will be transferred to TVen, but the TVen is on the shelf.

Star TV management has decided to replace the Star TV logo integrated with the channel since its establishment. Instead of the white star-shaped logo over the red letter "S", a star-shaped colored logo was started to be used. In addition to the new logo, new advertisement credits and program trailers started to be used on December 31, 2011, at 19.00. The visual identity of the channel has been completely changed in this way and has been recreated by Doğuş Publishing Group; As with other Doğuş Broadcast Group channels, the channel logo has been moved from the top left corner of the screen to the top right corner. Later, a white star was added to the star-shaped space in the middle of the logo. On September 3, 2012, the "Star" text in the logo of the channel was removed, and the white star in the logo was reduced a little more and the "Star" text was added here.

Star TV reached an agreement with Acun Ilıcalı in 3 programs for the 2012-2013 broadcast period. He also agreed with Seda Akgül to present morning news instead of Celal Pir and Jülide Ateş. Celal Pir, on the other hand, offers weekend news instead of Seda Teachers.

Star TV has been switched to 16: 9 widescreen format since July 4, 2013.
Star TV started to use embossed logo as of April 21, 2017.

Star TV was brought to the agenda with the claim that the Anıtkabir and Atatürk lines are sheared in the police station scene in the movie named Kızma Birader published on January 9, 2019.

In response to these allegations, Star TV said in the statement made by the channel's official Instagram account, "The reason for not having this scene is not the deletion of the name of Atatürk, but rather the deep respect for the memory of the great savior. Star TV, in order to protect the spiritual memory of our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, subject has decided not to publish the phone joke scene ". This explanation was found insufficient by people and also caused a discussion.

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