New question from sen. de Bertoldi FdI urgently forbid the sale of Rcauto policies online. Sna Demozzi our data are a source of comparison in Parliament

 New question from sen. de Bertoldi FdI urgently forbid the sale of Rcauto policies online. Sna Demozzi our data are a source of comparison in Parliament

MILAN - The issue of online sales of Rcauto policies and the incredible multiplication of scams and scams to the detriment of consumers is back in the news. The Ivass itself, for its part, in its internet portal does not fail to report almost every day sites of phantom insurance intermediaries, subjects on the market never registered with the RUI or even real criminal organizations. Andrea de Bertoldi (FdI) is among Parliament's most active supporters of a change in the rules that currently regulate the online insurance market. The opinion that is making its way in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies is that of the urgent need to restrict the meshes of the law, up to - if necessary - the prohibition on the sale of Rcauto policies on the web. " of buyers - reads the recent parliamentary question by Sen. de Bertoldi to the Minister of Transport Danilo Toninelli - are certainly facilitated by the dematerialisation of the insurance mark wanted by one of the past Governments and supported, or at least not hindered, by the Institute of Ivass Supervision. The very high number of 'ghost' websites, that is, abusive operators who offer false motor liability insurance to unsuspecting motorists, confirms the doubts we have expressed regarding the opportunity to allow insurance policies, contracts known to be complex and not easy to understand and evaluate, can be offered electronically, ie through the internet; it is our opinion - continues de Bertoldi - that the norms mentioned in the answer of the Undersecretary Hon. Gauls, who foresee this possibility, are based on incorrect assumptions and clash with a reality quite different from that imagined by the Legislator at the time of the approval of these rules (past Governments of the last five years, editor's note), also and above all made of phenomena such as online scams; in this regard, it is reiterated that the time has come to review this approach and to seriously evaluate the affixing of the ban on online insurance distribution ". The data presented by the Ministry show that over 80% of the MV TPL policies in Italy are the preserve of agents professionals and that in this context the fraudulent online activity is absolutely residual. "So you ask - writes the sen. de Bertoldi - if the game is worth the candle; in essence, why maintain a regulatory system that aims to promote online sales of policies, or at least to admit them, if this channel is used with poor concrete results by legal operators and with huge results by web scammers? The Dicastery - suggests the parliamentarian of Fratelli d'Italia - should immediately take effective measures to permanently cease such abusive practices, introducing an express ban on the online sale of insurance policies in general, giving media prominence through specific notices to the ban, in particular, of online sales of Rcauto policies and reintroducing the obligation to display the paper Rcauto insurance coupon, supplemented by a special anti-counterfeiting code (bar code or QR code) "." The policy - underlines the national President Sna Claudio Demozzi - is following with particular attention everything that concerns us and how often the data provided by the Sna study center are a source of comparison also in parliament, at the highest levels. This recognizes Sna, in addition to the actual representativeness of the sector, that authoritativeness now unanimously recognized by our centenary organization ". Luigi Giorgetti

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