New police stations open in Astrakhan | - Astrakhan News

New police stations open in Astrakhan | - Astrakhan News

The head of the city administration & nbsp; Radik Kharisov, together with the head of the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Igor Romashkin, visited one police station built in the Soviet district, at the crossroads of & nbsp; Nikolai Ostrovsky and Boevaya streets. & Nbsp;

The municipality tidies & nbsp; to the surrounding & nbsp; territories. On the instructions of Radik Kharisov, illegally installed non-stationary objects are exported, trees are sawed.

Street toilets (normal) can also be done in all areas. A shame ... people walk along the embankments, parks, and there is nowhere to relieve need ... One toilet has been standing near the Kremlin for 30 years. Could and replenish the city budget at the same time.

The question is a little off topic) In general, the construction of these toilets requires funds, all expenses are planned for the whole year. A free toilet is planned in the station itself. I think that other sections of the city will be included in the plans.

I don’t know how it is in other areas. And we set up a Cossack station right in the parking lot. Near Sberbank and the market, sometimes cars where not to put. So now there is a police station in the parking lot. Although there is a lot of land near, there is no need to put it on the asphalt, so that the costs would be reduced and the foundation for the point should not be made.

I completely agree about parking lots, there are so many free territories in Astrakhan that you can even make parking pockets for each law enforcement point, where there should be a mini-duty unit on an ongoing basis, of course, with video monitoring. & Nbsp; & nbsp; You don’t have to be here even by an architect, in order to think of it and save parking lots. & nbsp; & nbsp; One could have imagined at least in these matters, in such a case one should not regret money with such traffic jams. Well, most likely, it’s done so that then you can finish or remodel, that is, with a future perspective for the budget. & Nbsp; & nbsp; And on the topic as a whole, in general, there should be a single patrol service instead of the PPS and DPS, so it would be advisable to perspective, combine these points with strong points, making them complex, where each district police officer has his own office. Nevertheless, it is the Public Security Police, where there are specific tasks, the main purpose of which is to help the criminal police in the first place. And corruption would immediately become much less and the effect is much greater. And the strong points in many apartment buildings - this is not serious. I wrote about this to the federal center for a long time. But, nevertheless, the idea is good in itself and timely for future generations. Everything needs to be done wisely and places to choose wisely too. What is insulting that there are no uniform requirements for such items at the federal level. Well, all right, and thanks for that, the main thing is that the sheriffs in violation of the Federal Law "On the Russian Language" do not appear. I hope this does not happen.

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