Nazilli's legendary president is sent off on his last trip - Aydin News

Nazilli's legendary president is sent off on his last trip - Aydin News

In Izmir, yesterday morning in the hospital receiving treatment Nazilli Chamber of Commerce Assembly Chairman Gürdal Yüzügüler'in father Nazilli former Mayor and former Aydin deputy Mehmet Yüzügüler farewell to his last journey today.

Former Mayor of Nazilli and former Aydın MP Mehmet Yüzügüler will hold a ceremony in front of Nazilli Municipality today. Yüzügüler will be buried in Eğriboyun Cemetery after the funeral prayer which will be held in Nazilli Central Koca Mosque following the noon prayer after the ceremony.

Mehmet Yüzügüler was born in 1947 in İsabeyli Neighborhood of Nazilli. After completing his primary, secondary and high school education in İsabeyli and Nazilli, Yüzügüler started his career in 1971 after graduating from the Civil Engineering Department of Ege University and started political life in the Justice Party Nazilli Youth. After the success of the youth civil engineer Mehmet Yüzügüler, who was elected as the head of the youth branches of the Justice Party Youth Branches, he managed to enter his party's district administration.

Mehmet Yüzügüler, who served as the 2nd President of the Justice Party Nazilli District Organization until the coup of September 12, 1980, continued politics in the newly formed Motherland Party and was elected Mayor of Nazilli in 1984. Yüzügüler was the Mayor of Nazilli for 3 years. In the 1987 parliamentary general elections, ANAP President Turgut Özal was nominated as the 2nd place candidate for Aydın 2nd region and became a member of parliament.

ANAP Aydın MP Mehmet Yüzügüler also served as a member of the Transportation and Public Works Commission and Human Rights Investigation Commission due to his successful work both in his party and in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

Yüzügüler, ANAP M.K.Y.K. as president, election affairs and propaganda vice president. Mehmet Yuzuguler farewell to politics by not being a candidate in the 1991 parliamentary general election.

Mehmet Yüzügüler, who won the love and respect of Nazilli and Aydın People with his solid character, colorful personality during Nazilli Mayor and Aydın Deputy periods, has been continuing his civil engineering profession until the last 2 years.