Motherland Party Bolu Province Presidency opened

Motherland Party Bolu Province Presidency opened

Motherland Party President İbrahim Çelebi and the headquarters of the Motherland Party, which was held with the participation of the headquarters of the Motherland Party Bolu, as well as the leading names of the Motherland Party of Istanbul Province Mustafa Aydin and the Motherland Party provincial chairmen and many Bolulu citizens participated. Ibrahim Celebi, the leader of the Motherland Party and the Delegation of the Motherland Party, who visited the Upper Bazaar tradesmen in the neighborhood of the Great Mosque before the Friday prayer, continued their visit after making Friday prayers in the Great Mosque. Bolulu citizens chatting with the delegation on the streets, Provincial Chairman Omer Unal came to the new provincial building. Here, addressing the Bolu protocol and the people of the new provincial presidency Ibrahim Celebi building addressing the new solution in politics, Bolu people said. Motherland Party Bolu Provincial Directorate of public appeals to President Ibrahim Chalabi front of the building was an important explanation for the foreign policy and the politics of Turkey. "Mehmet Akif says: & nbsp; 'Entering the serialized can not enter enemy nation. Public vurdukça since they can not digest him the ball.' Peace Spring Because of the operation we have seen once more. '' There is a ball of persecution, shot put, if there is kal'ası, the right arm has a rigid, does not rotate face. 'Spoiled American president, Erdogan gave the necessary and unwarranted letter.

The late Özal said, bütün The whole world saw that the ideal of the Chinese Seddine from the Adriatic is not a dream. Turkey's threat, everyone understood that the neck will bend to blackmail. I'm addressing President Trump here. ‘This is the hometown of Köroğlu. These mountains are valiant. This is Bolu. Be so, so be ... ’

I would like to thank all the officials, especially the President of Turkey. I would like to thank Mehmet. I remember our martyrs with mercy. I wish our veterans a speedy recovery. I would like to take this opportunity once again. That was why the Motherland Party supported the alliance of the Republic and our President. The Motherland Party does not make an alliance for any interests or interests. Motherland Party just makes alliances for the benefit of Turkey. The motherland is always with the Turkish nation and the Turkish state. We are opening our Bolu Province Presidency. Installed! We re all over Turkey. In the coming period we will see a very strong Motherland Party. Bolu Provincial Bolu and our country auspicious good luck. I would like to thank everyone who was with us on this happy day. "

Speaking at the opening of the Motherland Party Bolu Provincial Presidency Ömer Ünal, Bolu Provincial Chairman İbrahim Çelebi and Bolu protocol thanked. Saying that their goal is to bring together young generations with senior ANAP members who have given their hearts to the Motherland Party, Ömer Ünal said: "As the Presidency of Motherland Party Bolu Province, I would like to express my gratitude to our esteemed guests and to all the citizens of Bolulu who did not leave us happy today. . we are very happy from a period coinciding resulting in the Syrian açılışımızı to execute successfully Peace Fountain of Operation and victory in the Turkey on the table as well as in the field. in the coming days and years will teem with Turkey's success as Özal said. Motherland Party Turkey will be the main actors of the century again. Bolu will be at the forefront in this case. "

Homeland finalized legally entitled to participate in the coming elections, the party first draws attention to the reconstruction of all in Turkey. 1983 Fatherland days and Ozal spirit alive again making new breakthroughs in the way of the Motherland Party, President Abraham startle all that Chalabi gave new provincial president in Turkey and is organized with the new organization.

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