More professionals named Mehmet Yılmaz

More professionals named Mehmet Yılmaz

Poor families, intelligent and hard-working children, earn good schools in the university entrance exam was not very surprising situation in the old Turkey. He won ITU and became a marine engineer.

The first was the mayor and the second was the General Manager of IDO. The first is the Ulaştırma permanent Transport Minister “when he becomes Prime Minister!

We've been like this for a while. The hidden businessman in the children whose fathers are caring suddenly begins to shine the ore. Then the money machines do not catch up to count the earned money.

But as a journalist, it is normal for me to wonder about the sources of this sudden enrichment in the children of a politician who has been struggling to make a living.

More importantly, if there are rumors about the formation of this wealth, let's learn the truth and prevent hesitations from forming in the minds of voters.

And Binali Yildirim, the ministry, the Prime Minister, after the two unsuccessful nomination of the metropolitan mayor is now to become Vice President.

If they declare their wealth declarations since the first day, year after year, we will receive a part of the answers to the questions we have already asked.

And ruling this country alone since 2002, 66 billion pounds "earthquake tax" collected power, even this warning as a method of psychological warfare does not see beis.

A public manager with a sense of shame would first apologize to those children and their families for this grave mistake, and then passed away in a rash.

Now they have distributed children to other schools, these schools will be strengthened, severely damaged, demolished (unless a Muslim brother of our eyes on the land of course) will be rebuilt.

Erdogan takes advantage of the marginalization of right-wing populist parties and leaders from the Turks, Western populists from Erdogan's "violent" Islamist outburst