Monstrous missiles protect the Russian coast

 Monstrous missiles protect the Russian coast

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"Due to the creation of new missile divisions and the rearmament with the Bastion and Bal systems, these brigades have become real monsters, capable not only of protecting the coast, but also of destroying terrestrial objects", pointed out the Russian edition Izvestia .

Sputnik / Vitaly TimkivQualitative advancement of high-precision weapons: what impresses Western expertsTo ensure complete autonomy in the pursuit of objectives, these military units were equipped with more advanced reconnaissance drones.

Between 2017 and 2020, the Russian Navy will receive four anti-ship missile systems Bal and Bastion each year. The Navy military will no longer use the old Redut and Rubezh systems.

The rearmament was carried out in all regions where the Navy operates. The first to receive the new systems were the military of the Pacific Fleet coastal troop. Thus, the Bastions appeared on the island of Iturup and the Bals on the island of Kunashir (the sovereignty of both territories disputed between Russia and Japan).

The Navy also reinforced coastal astropas in the Kaliningrad region. The arrival of the advanced Bastion caused some concern on the part of NATO countries, noted the Russian media.

AFP 2020 / FELIX GARZA / US NavyWashington starts a new year 'with an unfriendly step towards Russia'The rearmament is expected to happen also in the brigades of the Russian military bases that will be built in the Arctic.

At the moment, the Black Sea Fleet has two brigades of coastal troops. One for the defense of Sevastopol and another for the Krasnodar region and the military base in the city of Novorossiysk.

Bastions initially installed in Crimea in 2016 were transferred to Syria, where this unit carried out attacks against terrorist land targets. According to the plans, in the near future, a new coastal brigade will be created, close to the city of Anapa, which in turn will include at least two Bastion divisions.

"These 'super-brigades' will be able to carry out soft attacks, with Oniks cruise missiles of the Bastion system, against enemy naval groups and will surely overcome any anti-missile defense systems of the Aegis type," said military expert Dmitry Boltenkov, quoted by Izvestia.

Sputnik / Ramil SitdikovNorthern Fleet of the Russian Navy advances with missions in the global ocean "The ships that will be able to survive these attacks and approach our coast will be under the fire of the Uran missiles of the Bal system," he said.

The Bastion coastal defense system, equipped with 24 anti-ship missiles, is capable of protecting the coastline within a radius of 600 kilometers against any enemy landing operation. As for the Bal anti-ship missile system, it was designed to control roads and territorial waters, naval bases and other coastal facilities and infrastructure in areas where the enemy is likely to land.

Coastal troops are intended for the protection of fleets, troops, population, the coast in general, defense of naval bases and other important objects of the Navy installed on land, as well as for the destruction of ships and submarines in the area of reach for their weapons.

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