I followed President Erdogan's Kayseri program from Izmir with the broadcast of Kay TV's Plus Local Media Platform. First, Memduh Chairman appeared on the podium. Memduh Mayor explained some of what he did and will do during the six-month mayor. Then Deputy Chairman Mehmet Özhaseki came to the podium. Özhaseki stated that he had received Erdogan's support as Prime Minister and President in every service he served during the mayor's office. Ministers, who like the time filling method, also spoke in Kayseri, as in every collective opening. Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk said that they had met with the Governor and the Mayor and that they would have good news about national education; but he did not give good news. For example, we will start single education in the 2020-2021 academic season, not 2022? he provided.

Afterwards, Murat Kurum, the Minister of Environment and Urbanization, who became successor to Haseki Chairman, came to the chair. Murat Kurum spent more on the Peace Spring operation than the works of his Ministry. It was like the Minister of National Defense or President. In the last part of the speech, the institution will lay the foundation of the Melikgazi and Kocasinan National Gardens next year? said. When he heard this sentence of the Minister, which national garden is being built in Kocasinan outside the Air Supply area? I asked myself. It did not come to my mind that the park to be built on an area of ​​1.100.000 m2, which was launched last year on Keykubat hill. With the speech of the President, I understood that there was the garden of the nation, which was meant by Kocasinan. Murat Kurum said that the place of the old Archeology Museum will be the Millet Kıraathanesi; however, the city did not give any clue about urban transformation in other regions, which are among the most important expectations of Camikebir, Sahabiye, Kayseri District.

After the institution, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan appeared on the podium. President Erdoğan in Sivas? Bak Cahit? This is the minister he calls. When he saw Minister Turhan on the podium? I wonder, Mr. President, from Kayseri Square? Bak Cahit? will he say? I waited curiously. Mehmet Cahit Turhan started his speech with praiseworthy sentences to the people of Kayseri. Kayseri became an example with its economic, social and cultural development? He said, neither the high-speed train nor the highway connection of Kayseri, the expansion of the airport nor the construction of double roads connected to Kayseri. At that moment the afternoon adhan was read. Muezzin saved the minister. He fell silent for adhan and then left the bench.

Our last minister, who came to the stand, was Hulusi Akar. Akar saluted the soldier as soon as he was on the podium. This issue, which came to the agenda especially with the military salute of our National Football Players, received the most applause in the square. As a matter of fact, the President felt the need to give a soldier salute for almost 1 to 2 minutes without leaving the bench at the end of his speech. Minister Akar said, "Kayseri is proud of you?" motto, "I am proud to be from Kayseri. answered in the form. While Minister Akar was talking, the bus carrying the President appeared in the Clock Tower. Before the President took the floor, it was announced that among the guests, the former Prime Minister and Parliament Speaker Yıldırım Akbulut from ANAP and Bülent Arınç, one of the Former Parliament Presidents. There was also Mehmet Ali Şahin, a former Speaker of the Assembly. Obviously, the server wasn't named after Şahin. AK Party Kayseri MPs were right there. The Provincial President and two deputies of the Nationalist Movement Party, the other partner of Cumhur Alliance, took their place in the protocol.

The President started his speech by reading a poem written about Kayseri, and after a long time from Mehmet Akif, he conveyed to the USA, the EU, Israel and terrorist organizations with public or implicit messages that no power can hit the Turkish Nation.

? Will those who have the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent hands and those who do not sound when killing one million innocent people in Syria chain our fight against terrorism? "These are hypocritical, hypocritical, cowardly, terrorist lovers?" "How did these forces know us a century ago in Çanakkale, our War of Independence, Cyprus Peace Operation, Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch Operations? he referred.

President Erdogan reminded that if the terrorist organization does not evacuate the buffered area within 120 hours, President Erdogan will have a meeting with the Russian leader on the subject of Münbiç and Kobane on Tuesday.

President? We established the AK Party, we set out from here. That day is today? saying, he referred to those who were there that day without any name, and who did not exist today.

President? We said that it would not be empty. The sentence of the AK Party ruling began to explain what was done and things to do, the high-speed train, high-speed train? she called out. The President gave examples of education, transportation, energy, mass housing projects, saying that 1 billion 798 million lira was spent for 139 projects that he opened. Metropolitan Municipality said that they will open 57 investments of KASKİ, KCETAŞ and Kayseri Gaz. 5 private investments of Kocasinan and Melikgazi, 3 of Bünyan 3, 1 of Develi, 4 of Felahiye-Hacılar and 2 of Yeşilhisar, Tomarza and Özvatan were put into service. Let us remind you that the Mayor of Özvatan is MHP by the way.

The President said that they had invested 27 billion in Kayseri during their rule. The facilities such as Erciyes Ski Center, rail system, stadium and sports complex built by Özhaseki during the Mayor's Office? Who made these? to the crowd filling the square by saying? AK Party? Dedirtti. When the President talks about the investments made and to be made in Kayseri, we always ask the high speed train, we want the high speed train in front of the rostrum. sentences were heard. President Erdogan said, "Okay, I'll give you the good news." He said, "YHT's project work has been completed, I hope we will make the tender and take the necessary step?" said. After the citizens reminded YHT before they got off the rostrum, Kayseri was already on YHT. sentence. The President also tells us about the enlargement of the airport. he said, but it didn't give a clear date.

In my previous writings, I said that the President would not give a good news about YHT, even about our highway connection? The President said that the Belsin-City Hospital Rail System Line will be built, but there was no date there. Just like airport expansion work?

Thank you natural gas studies. The President of the Memduh stated that the remaining 6 districts will be provided with natural gas until the end of the period, by conducting a guilt on the President.

I'm happy with something. High Speed ​​Train business is now a matter of Kayseri. Even if no politician, manager or journalist can claim this job, we want a high-speed train in the squares of Kayseri. he shouts, this is no escape. AK Party officials should do what they do and find the necessary resources and complete the tender and groundbreaking process of the YHT business by the end of next year. Otherwise, what happened to YHT? They will address the question.

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