Me, Insurance Agent ... Vincenzo Cirasola's book in support of the profession

Me, Insurance Agent ... Vincenzo Cirasola's book in support of the profession

There are many faces with which one can read the book “I, Insurance Agent. My life, my commitment to agents and to the profession. A journey of 40 years, between agents, companies, market and associations "written by Vincenzo Cirasola, president of GAGI (Group of Italian General Agents) founder and president of Anapa Rete Impres Agency, as well as insurance agent at Generali Italia.

The book that will be presented on March 9 starting at 2.00 pm at the Michelangelo Hotel in Milan, before the start of ANAPA TOUR, counts on the preface and post faction respectively of Claudio Cacciamani, professor of the University of Parma and Chiara Frigerio, professor at the Catholic University of Milan.

The book traces the forty years of activity of Cirasola and wants to represent an incentive for young people to undertake this profession leaving out the stereotypes that accompany it, but also a reflection addressed to managers and external consultants hired by groups that are often too busy reading numbers and cost rationalization, forgetting the importance of relationships and the human factor.

Cirasola talks about his commitment, his growth, his battles, his successes and also his moments of despair, all that accompanied his journey and led him to compete with increasingly ambitious goals and challenges.

"I started thinking about making this book, after reading an article that emphasized that the activity of the insurance agent was a profession in danger of extinction, at risk of calling, because it is not sought after by young people. So I reflected and I compared myself with my children and their friends to understand the reasons for this non-choice and basically I realized that it was a lack of knowledge or a stereotyped knowledge. So I decided that as a father, as an agent and as a representative of the category, it was also my duty to give it the right emphasis "- says Vincenzo Cirasola, author of the book. - & nbsp; "But I wouldn't want it thought to be a sort of self-celebratory autobiography. Nothing further. My goal, and I hope it has been achieved, was to elicit a reflection on the low representation of young people in the profession and also on the challenges facing current agents, with an incentive for managers not to just look at numbers, but to pay attention to value of the relationship, which still today is the basis of our activity ”concludes Cirasola.