Lima City Council approved the sub-pride of the Rhodes State Center project

Lima City Council approved the sub-pride of the Rhodes State Center project

This is extremely important to us. Russell Litke, vice president of finance and business at Rhodes State College, said the current plans are for this building to be at the top of this alley, so it is very critical for us.

Dominion still has to move the natural gas line and Centurylink has to wrap its cables under concrete. Rhodes State College has to pay AEP to move the utilities that are currently in the alley.

We have completed our construction documents. We have forwarded them to the state where we are looking for our building permit, Litke said. Once we have received this permission from the state, we can also submit an RFP, a project application and select a general contractor. If contractors are interested in bidding, we need to look at the project and plans at this point so that they can put together a bid. Once these quotes have been put together, you can review them and submit them to our board of trustees. After selecting or approving a contractor, we must receive this confirmation from the state, and at that moment we should be able to enter into a contract with the successful bidder, Litke said.

The process from the submission of the tender to the actual award of the contract can take about three months. That would push the groundbreaking back to January and possibly February.

Park forest manager Randy Kohli briefed the council on a memorial to be erected at the Metzger Reservoir. Elida High School senior Jon Frueh is working on his Eagle Scout project to restore the William Metzger Memorial. Metzger is one of two Allen County Award winners.

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