“Let them do it ... Let them pass”

“Let them do it ... Let them pass”

Establishing a political party is not subject to permission ... A new party can be established ... Even two parties ... There may even be three ... "No problem."

The roadmap of the "new" is determined by the performances of the "existing parties" ... If the "existing" leaves "blank" in politics, the "new" fill the blank.

1. When Turgut Özal became President and left the ANAP headquarters ... ANAP "Breaks" took place ... Today ... "Erdogan is still at the head of his party."

Mesut Yılmaz, the leader of the Motherland Party after Turgut Özal, had signed with the famous French advertiser Jacques Seguela before the 1991 elections ... for the "election campaign".

Some ... Which most politicians are not in the Parliament at the moment ... Or the former provincial president or something ... "I wonder if I can be a deputy" account, they come to Ankara ... "Mental caravan" are joining.

The ones mentioned for the new parties ... The people behind them ... What do they think of the mothers who have been longing for a kid in Diyarbakır and have been in front of HDP Provincial Center for days?

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