Left hope

Left hope

Unable to find the support he wanted from his party, the CHP candidate, Muhittin Bug, tied his hope to the center right. Meeting with former DYP and ANAP members, Bucek was disappointed when there was little interest.

Since the announcement of the candidacy of the Metropolitan Mayor, the CHP, Muhittin Böcek, who has not received support within the party, tied his hope to the center right. Böcek's meeting with former politicians from the center right at Nazım Hikmet Congress Center was the best summary of this situation. Nomination about 1 month ago, despite the announcement of the CHP district mayor and candidates still can not come together at this meeting, Böcek'in appearance, "the traditional left wing of the CHP did not get support. Old ship returned" comments.

However, Böcek could not see the attention he expected at this meeting. Between 1994-1999, serving as the Central District Chairman of the ANAP April 18, 1999, the ANAP was elected Mayor of Konyaalti Muhittin Böcek'in meeting was little from Antalya. At the meeting, Mehmet Baysal, Mahmut Çil, Hüseyin Tecim, Hüseyin Bodur, Ahmet Çelebi and the former provincial presidents of ANAP such as the insect was disappointed. When there was little interest, the Insect tried to fill the hall with Konyaalti Municipality staff.

CHP candidate for the Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, the first shock of the return to Ankara lived at the Antalya Airport welcome ceremony. To meet Böcek CHP Provincial Chairman Ahmet Kumbul, Muratpaşa Mayor Ümit Uysal, Döşemealtı Mayor Turgay Young and Konyaaltı Mayor candidate Semih Esen drew attention to not participate. It was claimed that Böcek opposed the candidacy of Semih Esen, who was nominated for his own place in Konyaaltı, and that he made an attempt at the CHP Headquarters for this purpose.

The last move of Böcek against the traditional leftist structure in his party was in Kepez district. Mesut Kocagöz who resigned from the AK Party CHP Kepez'de want to make a candidate Insect, Kocagöz'u personally brought to Ankara CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu met with. This situation, "Insect, Kepez'de hope has connected to the right voters" led to comments. Kocagöz's candidacy against the CHP provincial chairman Kumbul'un Kocagöz'un attempts to prevent attempts to explain the size of the showcase revealed.

Muhittin Böcek ANAP and the Democratic Party's former minister, deputy, established under the leadership of the provincial and district heads of the Shepherd Fire group met with CHP Konyaaltı Mayor Candidate Semin Esen party representatives and district representatives met. Two meetings held in the same district, showed the polarization and separation of the CHP. CHP Provincial Chairman Ahmet Kumbul, the absence of participation in the meeting of his party confirmed these views. Especially after the Kocagöz move backstage in the CHP increased response to the insect was discussed. On the party base the names of former district president Garip Erdogan and former deputy Nefi Niyazi Kara in Kepez district stand out for the nomination. On the other hand, the names of the center-right IP did not show interest in the meeting did not escape attention.