Latest survey of the GOOD Party: "Power declines as ANAP in the 1989 elections"

Latest survey of the GOOD Party: Power declines as ANAP in the 1989 elections

Shortly before the local elections, the polls that keep the pulse of the voters continue to be announced. According to a recent survey of the GOOD Party, the ruling vote declined as the ANAP in the 1989 elections. There is a difference of 2 points in the survey from the CHP in Istanbul.

Political parties' alliance talks and nomination process continued, and public opinion polls began. According to the CHP poll, there is a 2-point difference between the AKP and the CHP candidate in Istanbul. The race in Ankara looks head to head. According to a poll from the GOOD Party, the government is losing blood like the 1989 elections.

The process of nominating candidates for the local elections on March 31 came to an end. After the negotiations between the CHP and the GOOD Party, almost all of the candidates are expected to be announced until the beginning of February. While the nomination process is continuing, the first polls have started to come to the political parties.

According to information obtained from the CHP, public opinion polls were conducted for some provinces where candidates were announced. Accordingly, the AKP and the CHP will compete in Istanbul has a 2-point scissors. According to polls, AKP candidate Binali Yildirim is 2 points ahead of the CHP candidate Ekrem Imamoglu.

Nergis Demirkaya'nın Newspaper Wall, according to the CHP Mansur Yavaş and Mehmet Özhaseki'nin AKP will compete in Ankara, the results seem to be head to head for now. CHP candidate for Adana Metropolitan Mayor Zeydan Karalar'nin MHP candidate Hüseyin Oral 4 points, CHP candidate for Antalya Mayor Muhittin Böcek 2 points ahead of the AKP candidate Menderes Türel said.

In the last poll of the GOOD Party, there is a serious loss of power votes. A GOOD Party official, 56 thousand voters in this poll, the ANAP lost a large number of municipalities in the 1989 elections, such as a picture seen, the ruling party will face a very serious loss of votes, he said.

GOOD Party Chairman Meral Akşener about 2 weeks ago about the local elections, "despair did not find the right" stating, "Voters will listen to as in 1989 and the AKP voters will do this," he said.

According to the local election calendar of March 31 mayor candidates province, county election boards will be applied on February 19. Following the YSK's investigations, the candidates will be announced on 3 March. Political parties are expected to accelerate the campaign process in early March, after the candidates are formalized. It is stated that the surveys may change after the field studies.

Mansur Yavaş and AKP's Mehmet Özhaseki will compete in Ankara. Mr. Mansur Yavaş is at least 7-8 points and even 14-15 points ahead according to some surveys.

Amine amine amine. Hopefully, hopefully they will be worse than Anap. Because they tricked us, exploited and created a pro-rich club. Let this account first in this world and then in the Hereafter, I hope they give their account. Amine amine amine.

Despite all the stakes they cast in the country, it is still the clearest indication that brains and souls have died so much. What more can these forms of life realize that they are human beings and think with a patriotic spirit to put an end to this treachery.

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