Landfill reclamation discussed in Anapa

Landfill reclamation discussed in Anapa

An Anapa held a meeting of the Council under the head of the administration of the Krasnodar Territory to promote the development of civil society institutions and human rights, chaired by the Deputy Chairman of the Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights, Yevgeny Bobrov.

At an event & nbsp; The chairman of the Council under the head of the administration of the Krasnodar Territory on the development of civil society and human rights, the adviser to the governor Andrei Zaitsev, the head of Anapa Yuri Polyakov, as well as representatives of federal and regional structures, law enforcement and supervisory bodies, the deputy corps and civic activists took part.

The central topic of the meeting was the state of the solid municipal waste landfill at Krasnoye Farm. Yevgeny Bobrov emphasized that the landfill was closed by court order: “It has been 3.5 years, but appeals from citizens continue to be received by the President’s Council that measures for landfill reclamation are not being taken.”

The complexity of the situation is due to the fact that the cost of developing the project will be about 30 million rubles, and Alfa LLC, which services the landfill, is in a difficult financial situation and is not able to find such an amount. Then the project needs to go through a state environmental review and only then can the reclamation process begin, the cost of which is about 500 million rubles. Without serious financial support, such a problem cannot be solved at the municipal or regional level.

Financing of works can only be provided for a ready-made restoration project, the deputy minister of the fuel and energy complex and the housing and communal services of the administration of the Krasnodar Territory Alexander Trembitsky drew attention to the audience. He said that in the near future it is planned to adopt a regional program related to the disposal of solid waste, after which it will be possible to rely on federal funds on terms of co-financing.

Alexander Trembitsky also emphasized that at present it is necessary to constantly dump the landfill with soil to stop the access of oxygen to the body of the landfill and prevent the appearance of new fires.

Anapa’s deputy head, Angelika Buzunova, reported that & nbsp; the landfill was completely filled (total 72,749 m3 of soil), so there are no serious fires. Currently, the administration & nbsp; MO Mr. Anapa & nbsp; together with LLC Alpha & nbsp; agreement with developers about & nbsp; the supply of 100,000 tons of clean soil for further dumping of the landfill of the Red farm.

The employees of Alfa LLC are on duty at the towers from which continuous monitoring of the landfill territory is carried out. If fire spots are found, they are immediately sprinkled with soil. This work is ongoing.

“We sent a letter to the Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities and the Fuel and Energy Complex of the Krasnodar Territory with a request to include the project for the rehabilitation of a landfill in the Krasny Khutor in the list of priority objects,” added Angelika Buzunova.

The head of Anapa, Yuri Polyakov, emphasized that the issue is on his personal control and, if the issue of financing restoration is resolved, the administration is ready to take on the co-financing of the development of the project. In the meantime, preventive measures to prevent the emergence of new fires will continue.

“We, on behalf of the Federal Human Rights Council, will make every effort to allocate financing for restoration from the federal budget to you,” said Evgeny Bobrov, Deputy Chairman of the Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society, following the discussion.

Chairman of the Council under the head of the administration of the Krasnodar Territory on the development of civil society institutions and human rights, adviser to the governor Andrei Zaitsev summarized: “It is very important for us that the federal center represented by the Presidential Council draws attention to our regional problems and understands that such a resort city as Anapa needs federal support, and not just financial, to solve the problems of solid waste disposal. Therefore, this format of dialogue between the public and the authorities with the participation of all interested parties and regulatory authorities is urgently needed. ”

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