Kommersant: Gazprom defrosts South Stream

Kommersant: Gazprom defrosts South Stream

Gazprom has unexpectedly thawed a project to expand its gas infrastructure south of Russia. According to the official version, it is an internal market, reports Kommersant. According to media sources, however, the new pipes will be for gasification of neighboring regions. Most likely, the project seems to be export-based, such as the additional capacity of Turkish Stream, which replaced South, Kommersant reports. & nbsp; & nbsp;

According to documents with a resolution of Gazprom Director Alexey Miller of December 26, 2018, a tender for the full volume of the linear section of the Pochinki - Anapa (Eastern Corridor) gas pipeline is announced. This 1.6 thousand km long gas pipeline should connect the central corridor through which gas is traditionally delivered via export through Ukraine to Anapa, where the offshore gas pipeline across the Black Sea - initially South Stream - begins. cancellation at the end of 2014 - Turkish Stream. & nbsp;

According to Gazprom, the construction of the linear section will increase the productivity of the gas transmission system in the direction of the Krasnodar region, in order to guarantee increasing gas demand in the region and to provide a reliable amount of pressure in the North Caucasus storage.

However, the publication notes that the capacity of the new pipe clearly goes beyond the task of gasification of neighboring regions, and an increase in gas demand in these regions has definitely declined in recent years.

According to sources, the only reasonable reason for the resumption of this project is to prepare to increase the capacity of Turkish Stream, for which the Pochiniki & nbsp; - Anapa section was originally designed and thus compensate for the freezing of South Stream.

Kommersant, however, also adds that the construction of both Nord Stream 2 and Turkish Stream, even together, will not be able to fully offset Gazprom and allow Russia to completely abandon gas transit through Ukraine.

Russia abandoned the South Stream project, which ran along the bottom of the Black Sea, at the end of 2014. At the time, Russian publications launched versions that Russia was forced to give up & nbsp; due to restrictions imposed by the European Commission, including that Bulgaria is undermining the work on the project. The topic of the resurrection of the project did not launch more than once, but everything remained within the sphere of hypotheses.

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