It is connected by sea to the terrestrial part of the Turkish Stream near Kayukyo

It is connected by sea to the terrestrial part of the Turkish Stream near Kayukyo

The connection, which connects the sea to the ground part of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline, was welded near the Turkish city of Kyukyöy. This was announced on Tuesday by South Stream Transport BV. (South Stream Transport B.V.), which undertook the implementation of this project along the Black Sea between the Russian and Turkish coasts after the shutdown of the planned South Stream route to Bulgaria.

A message quoted by Russian media indicates that this is a symbol of the completion of the entire complex, it is working to create a pipeline system in the Black Sea.

In the course of the technical operation of connecting the two sections, they were actually raised above the water of a special structure and welded into a common pipe. A total of 409 tonnes were raised for welding and after checking the seam, the section was returned to the bottom of the sea at a depth of 32 meters.

The same operation was performed to connect & nbsp; the land and submarine route of the Russian coast gas pipeline off the city of Anapa in the period January-February 2019, the TASS Communication said.

The facility operator adds that the Russian part of the Turkish Stream infrastructure is ready to feed the pipe. The Russkaya compressor station near Anapa is also ready for commissioning, according to South Stream Transport.

The company recalls that the laying of the offshore part of the route was completed on November 19, 2018. started in July 2018 and a long 2.4km trench was built there.

The gas pipeline is scheduled to be put into operation by the end of 2019. It is unclear at what stage the work on the construction of the land section through Turkey to Bulgaria is. For the route in Bulgaria, the state gas operator Bulgartransgaz conducted a tender for the reservation of capacity, for which contracts were concluded with the Russian Gazprom Export and a division of the Swiss Met, in which the Hungarian energy group MOL is a shareholder. Currently, Bulgartransgaz, which will build on its own account and operate the gas pipeline in Bulgaria, is conducting an order for the selection of a designer, material supplier and builder of the 484-kilometer route to the Bulgarian-Serbian border. The three bidders who took the contract for BGN 2.286 billion without VAT have been returned to the corrective office, because there are gaps in their technical part.

On Serbian highway, Energy Minister Aleksandar Antic said some time ago that the construction of the highway through their territory would begin in April. There it will be 400 km long and its capacity will be 13.88 billion cubic meters annually. In mid-January 2019, during a meeting with Serbian President Aleksander Vucic, his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, said Russia was ready to invest $ 1.4 billion in Serbian infrastructure to cross Turkish Stream.

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And just ten days ago, we were convinced that oh, horror, we lose one hundred and ten million dollars every year because Gazprom sent a letter warning us that it was suspending transmission through Bulgaria.

It is a grave insinuation and delusion in which the society is driven only to go through the realization of the continuation of the Turkish flow through Bulgaria, which is only for the benefit of ... [Read full comment]

As you know, the preliminary agreement was reached by the Romanian Presidency in the first trialogue (with the EC) on 12 February 2019. Coreper approved the preliminary agreement on 20 February ... I open the vote .. And close the vote.

EU energy community announces Gazprom's planned stretch of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline for the transmission of Russian natural gas through Serbia to Europe will hurt competition in the region, Reuters reported

It and the Kerch Bridge would not be there, before that there would be no World Cup, now they have shared that North Stream 2 will not be there ... BUT life goes relentlessly and does not comply with them. And soon there will be none.

IT CAN'T BE THE TRUE TRUTH! ALL BULGARIAN EXPERTS last year said this is not possible due to: GAZPROM bluff GAZPROM no money, no gas Gazprom, Gazprom no technology, GAZPROM WILL PERMIT ETC. I believe Elijah MARTIN CHRISTO AND AMERICA FOR BULGARIA.

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