Isimler ANAP and DYP names will form a new party ”

Isimler ANAP and DYP names will form a new party ”

A new party was added to the political party claims that were expected to be established after the local elections. In this formation; It was suggested that the symbol names of DYP and ANAP will take place.

Journalist Abdulkadir Selvi, known for his close proximity to the government, made statements about the new political parties alleged to be established after the local elections. Selvi, CNN Turk participated in the Night Vision program, Abdullah Gul, Ahmet Davutoglu and Ali Babacan's work is clearly seen on the road to a new political formation, he stressed.

Abdullah Gul and Ali Babacan axis next to a party, Ahmet Davutoglu, under the leadership of another formation will be expressed Selvi, ANAP and right-wing party politicians known to be preparing to establish a new political party for the center-right, he said.

Cypress; Gul claims that if Babacan and Davutoglu establish a new party, they will face the conservative and AKP groups as well as the AKP and Erdogan. “I am very clear that these new party formations are betraying the center-right and AKP-base Erdogan. It is seen. Those who do so will lose their political credibility so far. I

Why is it betrayed by the claim that I manage better? As for the "case", the current authorities are both worn out and in fatigue (they said it themselves). If it doesn't lead to new ones, it's a betrayal.

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