Insurance agencies: the CGIL attacks the Sna-CONFSAL contract

Insurance agencies: the CGIL attacks the Sna-CONFSAL contract

Florence, 7-5-2019- "Children of a lesser God? Contract piracy in the insurance contract "was the title of the conference organized by Fisac ​​Cgil Toscana which took place this morning in Florence at the Fuligno Education Center.

At this morning's conference, in addition to Quiriconi himself, were Tania Cità (Fisac ​​Cgil Toscana secretariat), Cinzia Melani (regional contract coordinator), Cecilia Ceselli (Anapa regional president), Claudio Guggiari (CGIL Tuscany secretariat), Elisabetta Masciarelli (Rlst for Enbass), Antonio Novielli (vice president of Aau - Association of UnipolSai Agents).

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