Inflation erases ANAP from politics

Inflation erases ANAP from politics

The 1989 elections were the turning point for the disappearance of the Motherland Party (ANAP), which was the ruling party alone, from the political scene. Founded by the late Turgut Ozal, who was the sole ruler in 1983, ANAP won 43.24 percent of the 1984 local elections and won the mayors of all provinces except 13 provinces. The troublemaker of ANAP and Özal was undoubtedly inflation in the period 1983 - 1989.

Özal, "Ortadirek" for the cuts he called, "Workers, civil servants, retiree spoon, we will get back with a scoop. To combat inflation can only raise the rate of inflation," he says, the nation was experiencing a shortage of livelihood under inflation pressure.

While the increase in food prices was experienced in the period of 1984 - 1989, ANAP's Keçiören Mayor Melih Gökçek started to import from TRNC and sell at cheap prices in public places in the winter of 1988 when orange and tangerine prices increased more than 100 percent. Gokcek price abnormally increased sales of other fruit and vegetables for the prime minister of the period and the leader of the party ANAP'ın Turgut Ozal'ın encountered the reaction of the late president. The following dialogue took place between Özal and Gökçek who went to Keçiören:

Gökçek: Sir, the intermediaries are inflating the prices, they buy from the producer and they make 5-10 times profit and they stake the citizen. I buy from the producer and sell it directly to the consumer.

Özal: My brother (he used to say when he was angry) how to get along? You are becoming a commercial rival to them using the municipal facilities. Stop this application immediately.

However, the 1989 local elections showed that voters gave a major lesson to ANAP due to high inflation and livelihoods, and their votes dropped from 43.24 percent to 23.74 percent.

"Presidential system of government with strong powers to solve the problems of Turkey," Erdogan and Bahçeli these allegations and he collapsed after 24 June.

I have written many times to my esteemed readers, but the Turkish media is the victim of conscious perception operations formed by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his perception team.

News, "President Erdogan, BMC examined the luxury bus gifted by the company. President Erdogan, the Presidential Complex and the Presidency of the bus on the characteristics of the BMC Board Members Talip Ozturk and Taha Yasin Ozturk received information."

Erdogan's president, vice-president of the groom Berat Albayrak, Secretary of the Treasury that Turkey's Asset Fund (TVF) had given permission to a US bank by a Chinese bank to borrow 1 billion euros. The cost of borrowing has not yet been clarified.

We-Turkish nation as a foreign country to manage our presence by a good result is not high inflation rates, such as the powers of the egalit period ealcit self-punishment because of the cost of inflation is punished by the public inflation + costiness = people are punishing governments in the end of the elections do not make a mistake in production to prevent the price is artificial directly from the manufacturer to the consumer is made to the success of sales without commission

Then there was such a thing as finger paint, and there wasn't much cheating in the elections. In every election, the thief who steals the horse passes the Uskudar. He cannot speak with fear of bloodshed in opposition. The opposition must win a minimum of 5% more votes from the ruling party in each constituency to win the election. The rest is good.

When Mr. Cumgur tied inflation to bullets, he made a calculation. a day of the palace spending 2 trillion imiş.bir bullet though 2 tl. 1 million rounds are taken with one-day expenditure of the palace. Multiply by 365 makes 365 million rounds. 50 thousand soldiers per year, 7500 rounds per soldier is consumed. every soldier is burning so many bullets.

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