In Anapa, they will repair a section of the Novorossiysk - Kerch highway

In Anapa, they will repair a section of the Novorossiysk - Kerch highway The length of the road overhaul sections is 6017.82 m.

The project, the reliability of determining the estimated cost of which was confirmed by experts of the Glavgosexpertiza of Russia, provides for the overhaul of the segment in the territory of Anapa.

They will strengthen road pavement, equip access pockets and landing pads, rebuild three stops of public transport, strengthen roadsides, equip sidewalks, and perform a drainage system. Traffic lights will also be modernized and the lighting of the site will be replaced, the press service of the Glavgosexpertiza of Russia reports & nbsp;

It is planned that & nbsp; the traffic intensity on the & nbsp; highway after entering the site into & nbsp; operation will be 7121 vehicles per & nbsp; day.

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