In Anapa, police caught a laptop kidnapper

In Anapa, police caught a laptop kidnapper

The woman was stolen by a bag from the owner Eugene HILKO @ kp kuban Share: Add to Flipboard Magazine. KP.RU daily newsletter Photo: Nataliya BESHKAREVA Change the text size: AA

As it became known to law enforcement officers, a resident of Zelenogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory, went into the toilet room before boarding the plane. I noticed someone else's bag with a laptop computer and documents and took it with me.

- The owner of the stolen things wrote a statement and within a few hours the stolen one was found. The thief was detained in the airport building of Yekaterinburg according to the available orientation.

The investigative department of the Anapa Line Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on transport opened a criminal case against a 44-year-old woman who stole a laptop at Anapa airport.

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