In Anapa, management companies will revoke licenses for debts

In Anapa, management companies will revoke licenses for debts

Under the chairmanship of the head of Anapa, Yuri Polyakov, an interdepartmental meeting was held today with the heads of management companies and the HOA, representatives of the prosecutor's office, the State Housing Inspectorate, and the bailiff service.

The main topic was the continuing growth of defaults on energy supplies.

“Urgent action is needed. If tenants do not pay bills, work with them, collect debts. If you have nothing to pay to resource-supplying enterprises for the consumed resources, take a loan and pay off. But if you continue to accumulate debts, the prosecutor’s office will take care of you, ”Yury Polyakov addressed the heads of management companies.

The deputy mayor of the city, Angelika Buzunova, reported on the situation in the municipality. Currently, out of 34 Anapa management companies, 28 have debts to resource-supplying organizations, of the 21 partnership of homeowners 9 have debtors.

“In connection with the onset of the heating period, the greatest concern arises due to the presence of debts to Teploenergo, but even more questions are caused by the general trend of accumulation of debts to all resource persons even of those UK and HOAs that did not have them before,” said Anzhelika Buzunova. “We are entering the heating period of 2019-2020, kindergartens and schools have already begun to apply for heating, and whether it will be warm in your homes depends on you.”

Among the management companies with the largest debts to Teploenergo: Vyun-Kon-Service, Praktika, Managing organization Number 1, Anapa Housing Company, Homeowners Association; "Indigirka", HOA "Yugmonolit" and others.

Acting Anapa inter-district prosecutor Rasul Sovmiz emphasized: “It will be correct if we, together with the administration, determine the list of the most malicious non-paying enterprises that are unfair to their duties, verify them and send a request for cancellation of their license to the State Housing Inspectorate”.

According to the prosecutor, the practice of concluding direct contracts with resource-supplying organizations can improve the situation with payments.

Heads of Vodokanal, Teploenergo, and NESK told about the problems that resource workers face daily. All of them have to recover through the court from malicious defaulters debt for consumed resources. The main debtors of Anapa Vodokanal JSC are Vyun-Kon-Service, Praktika, Rus, Guarantor MKD Management, Krymsky Val, South Bank and others. Almost all of them also owe large amounts of NESK for electricity.

As a result of the meeting, a decision was made, which said that the heads of management companies and homeowners associations in arrears for consumed energy resources are required to fully repay their debts to Teploenergo JSC and Teplovik LLC by November 1, and by December 1 - to other suppliers. The resort administration and the Anapa inter-district prosecutor's office must be informed in writing of the measures taken.

The bailiffs service is recommended to intensify the collection of debts for supplied energy resources both in the claims of resource supplying organizations from debtors - management companies and HOAs, as well as in claims of the latter against owners of residential and non-residential premises in apartment buildings.

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