In an accident near Anapa, a passenger broke ribs

In an accident near Anapa, a passenger broke ribs Two cars collided yesterday, September 30, in the vicinity of the village of Gostagaevskaya.

On the Andreeva Gora highway, the village of Varenikovskaya between 43 and 44 kilometers, the driver, while driving the Geely car, collided with the SsangYong car during the rebuilding. According to preliminary data, the culprit of the accident is the driver of the Geely car. The reason for the traffic accident is a violation of the rules of rebuilding. This was reported to our publication by the propaganda inspector of the Anapa traffic police department Dmitry Rukavitsyn.

The message about this incident to the ambulance dispatcher arrived at 14 hours 9 minutes. At the scene of the accident, doctors assisted a 57-year-old local resident - a passenger traveling in the front seat of one of the cars. A woman was taken to the city hospital of Anapa with a diagnosis of traumatic brain injury, fractures of 4 and 6 ribs. This was reported to our publication at the Anapa Emergency Medical Station.

We remind you that the day before yesterday, September 29, after the collision of a bike with a foreign car, boys of 14 and 15 years old were hospitalized from the village of Gostagayevskaya. At house 87 on Sovetskaya Street, a 15-year-old teenager, driving an Orion motorcycle, made an exit into a lane intended for oncoming traffic, where he collided with a Mazda 3 car, which turned left. As a result of the accident, the motorcycle driver and his 14-year-old passenger were injured. A preliminary cause of an accident is going to a lane intended for oncoming traffic. & Nbsp; Both adolescents were taken to the hospital with the same bodily injuries: craniocerebral injuries and fractures of the right lower leg. However, the condition of the 15-year-old boy is assessed as more severe - he was also diagnosed with traumatic shock. & Nbsp;

Corresponding changes were made to the resolution of the governor No. 129. In order to prevent the threat of a new coronavirus infection, visit to cemeteries is limited until April 30, with the exception of cases related to burial. It will be possible to remember the deceased relatives at the walls of the temples, in compliance with all sanitary and hygienic measures. As we already reported, in Anapa, visits to cemeteries due to coronavirus are limited, and services in temples are held [...]

According to the information of the regional operational headquarters, as of the morning of April 21, cases of coronavirus in the region were recorded in 34 municipalities. By the number of recorded cases and deaths from them, cities and areas can be divided into three groups: Leaders. 1. & nbsp; Krasnodar & nbsp; - 158 (6 dead); 2. Sochi & nbsp; - 69; 3. Tuapse district & nbsp; - 40; 4. Korenovsky district– 34; 5. Yeisk [...]

Since the introduction of quarantine, the courts have received 3,700 administrative cases under Articles 6.3 and 20.6.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. As a result of the consideration of these cases, 108 enterprises were suspended. The punishment in the form of an administrative fine was applied against 1897 persons. This mainly concerns people who were on the street without urgent need. We remind you that since March 15th in [...]

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