Images of Koç Holding plundered in the forest

Images of Koç Holding plundered in the forest

The tree massacre in the Mavramoloz Forest, which Koç Holding tried to erase from memory, was revealed with all its nakedness. The historical images of the nature massacre that the Kocs, who started unlawfully in 1996 and continued to the Mavramoloz Forest as a dagger, were reached from yesterday to today.

Koç University's construction process began in 1992 and its historical course is full of irregularities. With the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 26.4.1992 under the rule of DYP-SHP, 160 hectares of state forest located in the boundaries of Rumelifeneri Village in Sarıyer district of Istanbul province were allocated to Koç University for 49 years to establish a university campus. 1 million 600 thousand square meters of land in the heart of the forest, at least 30 trillion worth of land, the Cabinet of Ministers of the game given to Koç Holding drew attention. Although the 17th article of the Forest Law allowed land allocation only for the price, this decision of the Council of Ministers caused controversy. In addition, according to the Forestry Law, the Ministry of Forestry can only allocate a land that has the character of forest land, while the Council of Ministers undertakes this duty as a second scandal.

According to the news of the New Convention, the Cabinet collapsed into the forest with the unlawful decision of the Council of Ministers, this time began to change the zoning plan in the land. The Rectorate of Koç University applied to the Metropolitan Municipality for a change of plan. Upon the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's letter dated 3.8.1993, Istanbul No.3 Protection Committee for Cultural and Natural Heritage examined the issue. He stated that the area in question is a forest area in the Nazım Plan and that it is not possible to give an opinion on the opening of the forest areas to the building for any reason in the light of the protection and natural values ​​of the Bosphorus Law. Upon the rejection of IMM's zoning plan, the Rectorate of Koç University applied to the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement on 17.2.1994 and 18.4.1994 and requested that the change of plan be approved by the Ministry ex officio in accordance with Article 9 of the Zoning Law no. . In its response letter dated 25.5.1994, the Ministry rejected the request of the university, stating that a change of plan can be approved by the Ministry ex officio only when a public service is in question and the official building and facility will be constructed.

Koç Group, which brought the issue to President Demirel, took decisions one by one that could pillage the forest during February 28 process. Everything started with the establishment of the 2nd Yılmaz Government on 6.03.1996. With the external support of DSP, the ANAP-DYP minority government was established. On the second day of the establishment of the government in Mesut Yılmaz Prime Ministry, the Board of Conservation of Cultural and Natural Assets No. 3, 7.3.1996, "on the green area and forest trees are not foreseen by the Regional Directorate of Forestry" areas of the 3rd Degree Natural Protected Area ' na. This change meant that the construction permit was the only condition that these plans and projects were approved by the Conservation Board.

Upon this action, the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement of the period on the date of 9.4.1996 1 / 50.000 scale plan change was made ex officio and approved.

On top of the scandalous decisions, a lawsuit was filed at the Council of State. The expert panel of the Council of State examined the issue from various aspects and wrote a report against the construction of Koç University in Mavramoloz Forest.

Now there was only one obstacle. The contested area of ​​1 million 600 thousand square meters, which is connected to Sarıyer Municipality with Refah Partili, which does not appeal to the construction and does not give license to Koç University, was connected to Bahçeköy Municipality of ANAP. With the decision taken two months after the ANASOL-D Government came to work, the forested area was connected to Bahçeköy Municipality, which was headed by Muzaffer Altınsoy of ANAP. Muzaffer Altınsoy, the Mayor of Bahçeköy, Anap, also granted a license for the illegal construction of Koç University a week after the contiguous area was connected to him.

The foundation of the Koç University Rumelifeneri Campus was laid on May 31, 1996 and was opened three years later on November 20, 1999 with the participation of the then President Süleyman Demirel.

It was learned that Koç Holding, who shot the first dig in 1996 and planted Koç University in 1999, cut 58,000 trees. Plundering the lush forest area of ​​Istanbul, which is the oxygen source of Istanbul, the Koç massacres of 160 hectares; Despite the negative decisions of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Sarıyer Municipality, Ministry of Development and Council of State, he finished with peshk games. Before the unlawful decision of the Council of Ministers, then No. 3 Cultural and Natural Assets Protection Board "Protected Area" game and the Ministry of Zoning can be carried out with the decision of the approval of the Ministry of Reconstruction of forest trees removed from the construction machinery was carried out by 13 thousand trucks.

The photographs show the trees of coniferous pine species such as Monteri Pine, peanut and black pine in the forest area before 1996. The images of the year 1998 clearly show the tree dismantling of construction machinery. The concrete buildings rising behind the intense security measures show the face of the nature dagger from 1999 to 2019.

There are many reinforced concrete facilities in the campus, which Koç University has built on a total area of ​​1 million 600 thousand square meters in the heart of the forest. There are 2 Yapı Kredi Bank ATMs on the campus: Starbucks Coffee, Rectorate, Rumelifeneri Central Campus, Suna Kıraç Library, Theater Real Koç University Stage, Sevgi Gönül Auditorium Cultural Center, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Law, Humanitarian Faculty of Sciences and Letters, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, Sports Hall, Football Field, Lodging Buildings, Swimming Pool.

"The largest of Turkey's richest of treason in Turkey did not yaptılar.üret. Colonizers of our country" distributor "They earn money by doing lügen. Domestic production of right to life, which is tanımadılar.yerl they invest in initiatives to definition of the right to life. (68 years ago our first national arms factory can be learned from social media)

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