How was the Zionist YINON PLAN implemented in Nusaybin?

How was the Zionist YINON PLAN implemented in Nusaybin?

Özel Brigadier General Salih Kırhan and our Special Operations Manager who knew Nusaybin in tandem, worked together for 1.5 months and prepared an operation plan. When we were about to start the operation, we looked at the plan. They prepared an ‘operation instruction u with all the weapons they would use for me and put it in front of me to sign. I refused. Their concern was to attack civilian areas. Then it was to show us this instruction and to blame us. If we hadn't evacuated civilians, this counter could have caused much bigger things. They tried to instruct me to yık demolish the houses baştan from the beginning. Somehow they wanted to create an outrage. ”

These words belong to Ömer Faruk Koçak, the governor of Mardin during the ditch-barricade war period, which spoke to Kenan İspir from Aksam on 19 August 2016. Let's continue. & Nbsp;

Planla The operation started with the plan they changed and unfortunately we started to give many martyrs from the first moment. Our soldiers were sent to the streets furnished with EYPs, knowing that they would be killed. Salih Kırhan, Adem Huduti and İbrahim Yılmaz had edited this from the beginning. They were all involved, from Huduti to the petty officer at the station. ”

“We constantly warned the commanders to start the operation from the Zeynel Abidin Neighborhood, which was close to the border at first. Officially, terrorists were allowed to dig tunnels. When things did not improve, they sent Levent Ergün, the commander of the Tunceli Commando Brigade. Kirhan learned that the future of Ergun "He was tried Sledgehammer. Don't come. Karşı Then I realized that Ergun was not one of them. Brigadier General Levent Ergun arrived in Nusaybin at the beginning of May. It first started in the Zeynel Abidin neighborhood where the tunnels were dug and cleaned the area in less than a month. ”& Nbsp;

In fact, with lists from NATO-USA, FETÖ prosecutors did their job well and put Levent Ergün in prison for 20 months with a sledgehammer. The commander who cleared Nusaybin today is one of the top staff of the Operation Peace Spring in his Major General uniform… & nbsp;

According to Coşkun Başbuğ, who is also a victim of the Izmir Espionage Stick, almost all of the operations staffs are composed of honorable-patriotic soldiers who got rid of the FETÖ squad.

We came to the end of the process that started with an article written by Oded Yinon, the adviser of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called abı Butcher of Beirut inde in Kivunum (Instructions) magazine published by International Zionist Organization in February 1980. & nbsp;

In the Torah, the plan aimed at ”promised land uzanan (from the Nile in Egypt) to the Euphrates in Mesopotamia (Sezai T.). Ç Strategy for Israel in the 1980s &.

In the same year, the PKK was founded, the Kenan Evren, the general of the 1980 coup, opened the doors of the army to FETÖ, FETÖ's political pillar was ANAP, it was up to Erdal İnönü's SHP to adopt the PKK through HADEP… & nbsp;

Before the Arab world, after which he was dragged to the execution of the year'm talking about Turkey in a plan envisaging the shredding process, Iran and Turkey, symbol, those living in Nusaybin.

Why do you think the social media accounts of FETÖ traitors are screaming for the PKK today? Anas to jerk who wants to go to Washington K. economic embargo on Turkey, let me tell you, Israel! ..

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