Happy holiday, beautiful Anapa!

Happy holiday, beautiful Anapa!

Last weekend, the resort celebrated the 76th anniversary of the liberation of the city and the region from Nazi invaders and City Day.

The first fountain in Anapa on the water. Photo: Anapa administration

Festive and commemorative events succeeded each other, not letting the audience get bored for a minute. Even the weather rejoiced with the Anapans: the rain promised by the forecast was limited to rare drops and passed by.

Last week, Anapa noted with great splendid light mood two significant dates: the 76th anniversary of the liberation of the city and the region from the Nazi invaders and City Day.

Saturday morning opened a rally in memory in the Square of Military Glory, dedicated to the soldiers-liberators and all the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. Special words of gratitude for the peaceful sky over Anapa were addressed to the veterans present.

About 100 craftsmen from all over the Kuban surprised Gudovich’s public garden at the exhibition of arts and crafts “Golden Hands of Masters” with wood, fabric, clay, glass and other materials. Nearby worked "Youth Quarter" with numerous interactive sites. Everyone was happy to participate in master classes, animator programs, gambling competitions and fun contests.

On Theater Square, guests and residents of Anapa were met by the V All-Russian festival of bell ringing and spiritual chants "Evangelism by the sea." Masters of ringer art, laureates of all-Russian and international competitions from Moscow, the Bryansk region, Volgograd, Crimea, other cities and regions demonstrated their talents.

And on Gorky Street, participants in the festival were waiting for the festival “City of Abundance”. The best local farmers, winemakers, representatives of agricultural tourism and trade enterprises offered to try dishes of meat, seafood, dough, taste high-quality and natural local wines.

In the concert “shell” colorful national songs sounded throughout the day. In the festival “Light the hearts!” The ensembles “Akhpyur”, “Gorgippia”, “Iveria”, many other performers and musicians participated.

In the evening, at the event “My Unique City”, those who made a great personal contribution to the development of Anapa and Kuban were honored at the City Theater. On behalf of the Governor Veniamin Kondratyev, Anapchan was congratulated by the Minister of Resorts, Tourism and Olympic Heritage of the Krasnodar Territory Svetlana Balaev.

The head of the city, Yuri Polyakov and the chairman of the Council, Leonid Kochetov, were awarded the medals “For Outstanding Contribution to the Development of the Anapa Resort Town”, letters of appreciation and gratitude to the best of the best — activists, public activists, workers in medicine, education, culture, sports and other fields. By tradition, names were entered for entry on the Honor Board, congratulations were addressed to the anniversaries of family life and veterans, including Vartkes Saaryan, who recently celebrated his 100th birthday.

New fountain. Photo: Anapa administration

The culmination of the holiday was a large-scale concert "Shine through the ages, my Anapa!", Uniting the best creative teams of the Kuban and the resort. Thousands of spectators gathered at Theater Square, this year there was no fence in front of the stage - the format of the festival open for everyone, proposed by the head of the city Yuri Polyakov, fully justified itself. And the salute, which painted the sky over Anapa, became a powerful final chord of the holiday.

The bright and comfortable building of the new building of kindergarten No. 31 "Zorenka" in the village of Sukko included two group cells with sports and music halls. All the necessary equipment was purchased, and the kids rated their second “home" perfectly. Thanks to the facility in the village, the number of jobs has been increased, and most importantly, the issue of the children's line has been completely resolved.

The spacious building of the new kindergarten No. 11 "Lazurny" with 160 seats in the Alekseevsky microdistrict includes a medical unit, a catering unit, music and sports halls, and a laundry room. The latest equipment was installed, furniture meeting all standards was purchased - everything was provided so that the children would feel warm and comfortable.

By the end of the year, three more kindergartens should be commissioned in Anapa: in the city on Krymskaya street and on the Anapsky highway, as well as in the Voskresensky farm.

Gudovich Square was decorated with "Heart of lovers"

On City Day, a new light and music fountain was opened, which became another attraction point for Anapchan and guests of the resort. Near him, the newlyweds will make memorable photos for wedding albums, lovers will come here all year round. The area around is landscaped, original designer benches in the shape of hearts are installed, and Zelenstroy specialists planted 40 coniferous trees and 270 deciduous shrubs here.

Gudovich's Square was decorated with the Heart of Lovers. Photo: Anapa administration

Another new fountain appeared on the Anapka River. Nine jets up to 20 meters high hit in the very center of the channel. In the dark, the object is decorated with dynamic lighting. At the suggestion of Yuri Polyakov, a whole fountain complex will be created here next season: several small ones are planned to be installed around the central fountain, and a so-called water curtain will appear in the area of ​​the river platform. Also, additional landscaping of the adjacent territory will be carried out.

On the 76th anniversary of the liberation of the city and the region from Nazi invaders, Protapov Street opened the Memory Alley with portraits of Heroes of the Soviet Union, whose names are inextricably linked with Anapa. In the evening, the Alley is highlighted, a pedestrian path is arranged along it, benches are installed.

“The past year brought Anapa many achievements in different directions: from the construction of social facilities and the opening of new squares to the development of the road economy. But this is only part of the implemented plans. More projects to be implemented. With all my heart I thank all residents of Anapa for daily conscientious work, an active position and a sincere desire to do as many good deeds as possible for the benefit of our resort city, its residents and guests! ”

(Yuri POLYAKOV, head of the resort city of Anapa.)
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Events in Anapa