Great development in the TurkStream project! - New Contract

Great development in the TurkStream project! - New Contract Carried the injured animal on its back 5 kilometers
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According to the statement made by the TURKAK my officials to transmit Russian gas to Turkey and Europe began forming the first line from the sea türkakım two natural gas refills.

Russian gas to Turkey and Europe to transmit TURKAK the last two steps of the sea from the first line starting operation of natural gas refills preparatory phase forming the Natural Gas Pipeline was laid.

According to the statement made by the Turkish Stream officials, the first of the two sea lines forming the Turk Stream has started to be filled with natural gas.

This step corresponds to a critical stage in the scope of inspections and preparations before the pipelines are put into operation. The commercial flow of natural gas from Russia to Turkey via TURKAK will begin as planned at the end of this year.

Russkaya Compressor Station, located on the Black Sea coast of Russia, provides the necessary pressure for natural gas to move under the sea from Gazprom's Unified Natural Gas Supply System.

Lines, Anapa Black Output from the plant located in Turkey's Black Sea coast to be filled with natural gas in Kiyiköy to purchase Terminal.

Following the completion of all the technical and safety tests of the pipeline and its compliance with international standards, the preparatory phase of the sea section started. After the first line is filled with natural gas, preparations will begin on the second line.

It is now at its final stages in the construction process of the Buying Terminal. Simultaneously BOTAS türkakım continues the construction of its first overland pipeline that will link Turkey's natural gas network.

The second was Turkey's land border line that will carry natural gas to Europe is still under development in partnership with Gazprom-BOTAS.

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