Gazprom: When Trump realizes that ...

Gazprom: When Trump realizes that ...

US President Donald Trump continues to fight fiercely against the second Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 2. He fears that Western European countries will have even less interest in buying the more expensive US fracking gas. Against this background, this message should not taste him at all.

The Russian daily Vedomosti reports that Gazprom plans to rebuild a pipeline from Pochinki to Anapa on the Black Sea. The construction was originally part of the South Stream project, with which Gazprom wanted to deliver natural gas to Central Europe via Southeastern Europe.

At the time, however, the project failed because of political resistance. Meanwhile, however, EU members in Southeastern Europe had declared that they would be interested in expanding the soon to be completed Turkish Stream pipeline. Ultimately, this would be another way for Gazprom to supply the EU with Russian natural gas. It will be exciting, with what means the US wants to prevent this again.

Meanwhile, Gazprom's share price continues to stabilize following the dividend discount and significant profit-taking. For brave investors, the dividend bead remains attractive. The stop should be left at 5.10 euros.

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