From tomorrow to the start the Festival of the Right in the Square

From tomorrow to the start the Festival of the Right in the Square

I set off tomorrow, Friday 27 September, the third edition of "Il Diritto in Piazza", the Festival organized by the Centro Studi Sapere Aude that this year until September 29 in Bitonto with more events divided between Piazza Cavour and the Traetta Theater. Many guests, from Gianni Rivera, to Beppino Englaro, Michele Mirabella, Mons. Francesco Savino, Michele Emiliano and Francesco Schittulli. And with them doctors, jurists, politicians and personalities from the entertainment and civil society. The event, which quickly established itself as a reference for citizens "thirsty for law", this year will touch upon a complex and delicate subject such as the Right to Health through debates, theatrical performances, film screenings and musical events. The challenge of the Festival is to face the theme in the clearest and most complete way possible. We will therefore talk not only about the state of health in Puglia and in Italy, but also about food, sport, the environment, doctor-patient relationship, freedom of choice over treatment.

Inauguration on Friday 27 September at 5.30 pm at the Traetta Theater with the greetings of the President of the Sapere Aude Study Center Michele Coletti and the Mayor of Bitonto Michele Abbaticchio. Representatives of local and regional institutions and of the Bar Association, chartered accountants and auditors and surgeons and dentists will be present. At 6.30 pm on the Traetta stage the debate on food and health entitled "The Right to Health", moderated by theater director, actor and science writer Michele Mirabella. They will discuss: the professor of Internal Medicine of the University of Bari, Antonio Moschetta; the president of the National Federation of surgeons and dentists, Filippo Anelli; the regional commander of the NAS Bari carabinieri, Lieutenant Colonel Giovanni Aspromonte; the Director General of the Cancer Institute of Bari "John Paul II" I.R.C.C.S., Antonio Delvino. At 8.30 pm, again in the Traetta, screening of the film "Alla Salute". Speakers will include director Brunella Filì, leading actor and food performer Nick Difino, journalist, screenwriter and film critic Antonella Gaeta, food performer Donpasta and chef Diego Rossi. All appointments are free and open access.

The day will start at 10.00 in Piazza Cavour with the debate "The doctor-patient relationship: between deontology and responsibility". Giovanni Stefanì, president of the Bar Association of Bari, will moderate. Speakers: the magistrate Anna De Palo, president of the gip section of the Court of Bari; Alessandro Dell’Erba, medical examiner and director of the interdisciplinary department of medicine of the University of Bari; Nicola Romualdi, RC manager and legal guardian of Generali Italia; Pierluigi Pantani, general medical manager of Generali Italia; Vincenzo Cirasola, national president of Anapa (National Association of professional insurance agents). In the afternoon, at 6.00 pm in the Traetta Theater, the debate on health and end of life entitled: "With dignity, to the end?" The meeting will be moderated by the public prosecutor at the Public Prosecutor of Bari Michele Ruggiero. Speakers: Mons. Francesco Savino, bishop of Cassano allo Jonio; Beppino Englaro, father of Eluana and member of the Bioethics Council of Milan (for over 17 years promoter of freedom of treatment and therapy); Luca Savino, director of ASL Bari hospice. At 9.00 pm in Piazza Cavour the musical show "Le Scat Noir" starring the female vocal trio which proposes songs from the jazz tradition (and not only) and unpublished arrangements for three voices, violin and piano. All appointments are free and open access.

The day will open at 10.30 am in Piazza Cavour with the debate on health and sport entitled "Sport is health and prevention: the role of institutions and the impact on the community". The meeting will be moderated by the sports law expert and organizational director of the Italian Football Association (AIC), Fabio Poli. Speakers: the President of the Puglia Region and Health Councilor, Michele Emiliano; the senologist, oncologist and national president of the Italian League against cancer (Lilt), Francesco Schittulli; the cardiology head of the San Paolo hospital in Bari, Pasquale Caldarola; the icon of Italian football in the 60s and 70s, today a politician, Gianni Rivera. At 17.00 in the Traetta Theater the debate on health and the environment entitled: "The good health as a primary value of the constitutional order". The TV2000 journalist, director of and president of the association Art. 21, Paolo Borrometi will introduce and moderate the meeting. Speakers: the Councilor for Social, Education and Environment of the Municipality of Molfetta, Ottavio Balducci; the lawyer and member of Legambiente Puglia, Pierluigi Colangelo; the director of the Department of Mobility and the Environment of the Puglia Region, Barbara Valenzano; the civil magistrate of the Court of Taranto, Italo Federici. All appointments are free and open access. At 8.30 pm, again in the Traetta, the final show "Più Shakespeare per tutti" with Antonio Stornaiolo and Vito Signorile (booking info: 338.3939157 and 333.7961801). Following the final greetings with the president of the Centro Studi Sapere Aude Michele Coletti, the president of the Puglia regional council Mario Loizzo and all the organizational staff.

The "Il Diritto in Piazza" festival is organized by the Sapere Aude Study Center, a non-profit scientific association that deals with the promotion, development and dissemination of the culture of law and economics, monitoring the implementation of current legislation and training, analysis and updating activities. More information on the Facebook page @sapereaudecentrostudi.

The Festival of Law, sponsored and strongly sponsored by the Regional Council of Puglia, also enjoys the patronage of the Municipality of Bitonto, the Municipality of Bari, the Municipality of Terlizzi, the University of Bari, the National Federation of Order of Physicians and Dentists, Order of the Lawyers of Bari, Order of Surgeons and Dentists of the province of Bari, Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Bari, Lilt and Italian Society of Palliative Care. The Festival is also realized thanks to the contribution of the Regional Council of Puglia and the main sponsors: Oleificio Cooperativo Cima di Bitonto, Conte Spagnoletti Zeuli, Il Pastaio (Maffei), Casillo and Conserva.

As you can easily see from the names it is a catwalk of characters of the left or tied in some way to that. A political forum therefore, perhaps in view of the regional ones.