From the Donbass to the beaches of Russia. A parenthesis of peace for the children of Gorlovka

From the Donbass to the beaches of Russia. A parenthesis of peace for the children of Gorlovka

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The ONLUS "Help us save children" by Ennio Bordato again this year, thanks to the good heart of the Italians, managed to organize a stay at the beach for Donbass children.

They come from Gorlovka, a city located in the self-proclaimed People's Republic of Donetsk. A large group: 39 children, in addition to the coordinators, who were able to relax on the beaches of the seaside resort of Anapa in Russia and which, finally, were able to savor a parenthesis of peace and tranquility.

Unfortunately, only a "parenthesis" will soon return home. They are children who live close to the front line. Their everyday life is a life of fear, of deprivation, often of long hours sheltered in the basements of their homes. Some of them are orphans, others have been injured. Someone even under the age of 5, was born and always lived in the sad reality of war, which has weighed on their lives for over five years.

"To take children away from the war. This is the imperative that, at least during the school holidays, we set ourselves from the beginning of the conflict. This is necessary for children, as necessary as air, as food, as the love of a family that often cannot satisfy their basic needs. This year is the fourth time we manage to organize this initiative, every year we can send more and more. This, thanks to the many Italians who are following us, helping and thanking of my heart ”.

The ONLUS "Help us save children" was founded in 2001 with the aim of supporting and making possible the care of particularly needy children of the Russian Federation and directly helps children and victims of war in the Donbass.

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