Four trends, four dreams.

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Four trends of Turgut Özal's ANAP for 35 years, as if it was a miracle, as if it were a savior
It is spoken.
In the last few months, especially after Ahmet Davutoğlu and Ali Babacan left the Ak Party, four
the trend started to be written and heard thoroughly. & nbsp; & Nbsp;
What is it, sir, the parties that are likely to be established have brought together four trends like Özal and succeeded.
They were be.
To me, the political literacy of the political writers who wrote this idea is missing.
It is also such a shortcoming that they cannot read the politics of today, the politics of the eighties.
they also can't read.
You ask why? Let me tell you.
First, almost 90% of the political spectrum, like four trends, & nbsp; for a covering political movement
you must have free space you can use.
Is there such empty & nbsp; in Turkey's political geography? No not.

Because the & nbsp; at the parties on the right, & nbsp; at the parties on the left, for about 20 years a little down, a little up,

they have filled their potential areas.
Secondly, the four trends of Özal's ANAP in 1983 emerged from necessity, not from preference.
He had come.
Remember the eighties.
Legal aside democracy, the political, sociological and psychological environment was deplorable.
The political coup that has been coupled and represents all the political tendencies of the country for the past 20 years
all leaders & nbsp; banned.
Parties are already permitted to enter the elections on November 6, 1983 from the military junta.
Who are the leaders who have succeeded?
Turgut Sunalp, retired general and man of the junta.
Who knows? Subordinate Top Relationships & nbsp; military friends.
I would like to touch on the word, I am wondering frankly, the rooster of a party as an emblem
which political communication technique he chooses.
Necdet Calp is a former Undersecretary of Prime Ministry.
It has not been long since he left office, but nobody knows except the bureaucracy circles.
In such an election environment, the third leader is Turgut Özal.
So, & nbsp; How does the voter of that time see Özal?
Undersecretary of the prime minister of black glasses before the coup, often appeared on television,
The Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the economy of the Bultanis Government of the juntans.
Although I am a child, I have a clear understanding of Turgut Özal among the public.
I remember.
All the politicians, bureaucrats we see on TV before the coup were either in prison or
However, Özal was promoted as well as imprisonment or dismissal.
Then this man is a good man.
Such a country environment and the November 6, 1983 elections entered in such a country environment.
My question is, even if there are forty-four political tendencies, not four, Özal's ANAP
except for the recoverable & nbsp; & nbsp; was there a roof?
Of course, there wasn't.
To summarize, the political conditions of the 80s and the political conditions of today are very different.
Moreover, not to accept any comparison.
In other words, the bee of that honeycomb does not make honey in this honeycomb.
Congratulations. I will be a follower of your articles. Best regards.
Good luck my lord be hungry
Good luck. I hope the pen always writes the truth.
Master, first of all, I am a good follower of his writings.
Health master to your perfect fixing pen
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