Former minister entered the debate on Emre

Former minister entered the debate on Emre

Baykam, Belözoğlu'yı former Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit and compare, Belözoğlu should not be criticized because of the past Ecevit argued that the main criticism.

Former Minister of Justice and close names to Prof. Ecevit'e. Dr. Hikmet Sami Türk wrote an article entitled sızlık Injustice to Ecevit ”on the Events and Opinions page from Cumhuriyet.

Bed Painter-writer Bedri Baykam criticized Bülent Ecevit and Emre Belözoğlu's article on the return of Fenerbahçe to Fenerbahçe on the club's 'FETÖ resistance' and published Bülent Ecevit on 22.8.2019. honest leader 'and become the symbol of the CHP' social democrat-Kemalist segments' by responding, in summary, Ecevit'in 'the 1970s golden era' lived, 'Karaoğlan-Cyprus Conqueror nicknames that marked the prime minister' he; but that after the coup of September 12, 1980, he had tüm cut off all his relations with the CHP,, kur established the DSP with his wife ’, that no one could convince him to birleştir unite the left‘ and split the left; Between the years 1998-2002 2. [!] Lived in the period of prime minister; ‘There is a more secular understanding of the Republic than Atatürk; He claims that he has given the hottest and most solidarity messages to the sects and Gülen, and that he has G opened all doors to Gülen inde at home and abroad with the power and direction of being a prime minister; sonunda If you still see Emre as ‘guilty in, show 500 times your reaction to Ecevit ...’

In Baykam's article, which establishes a political parallel between the football world and the political world in terms of the left, there are striking mistakes. ”

The 1961 Constitution during the period October 15, 1961 the day after the general election deputies made Chairman of the CHP Malatya Deputy İsmet İnönü's prime minister in Turkey was established as the first coalition government of CHP-AP (November 20th 1961-25 June 1962), the RPP-YTPCKMP (25 June 1962 - December 25, 1963) and CHP-Independents (December 25, 1963-20 February 1965) as the minister of labor CHP Ankara Deputy Bülent Ecevit, Inönü resigned from the presidency of the CHP 6th Extraordinary General Assembly on May 14, 1972, chairman, In the parliamentary general elections held on 14 October 1973 and 5 June 1977, CHP Zonguldak was elected as a deputy and as the Prime Minister in the 15th legislative term, the CHP-MSP Coalition Government (26 January-17 November 1974); July 21, 1977), then the CHPCGP-DP-Independence coalition government (January 5, 1978 - November 12, 1977) 9) has established.

ANAP-DYP and RP President Prof. Dr. Mesut Yılmaz was established under the Prime Minister of ANAP after the parliamentary general election held on 24 December 1995 during the 1982 Constitution. Dr. After RP-DYP coalition governments established under Necmettin Erbakan's prime ministry; Bülent Ecevit, the Deputy Minister of State and Deputy Prime Minister of the DSP in the ANAP-DSP-DTP coalition government (June 30, 1997-11 January 1999), established under the Prime Minister of Rize Deputy Mesut Yılmaz, after the dismissal of this government by the vote of insecurity. He founded the DSP minority government (11 January-28 May 1999), which took the country to the general election of parliament on 18 April 1999, with support expressed in a vote of confidence reflecting his belief in his honest political personality. The DSP-MHP-ANAP coalition government, which was established under the prime minister of DSP leader Ecevit, who came out as the first party of 136 deputies from this election, where the votes were distributed among the five parties, had some ministerial changes during the election period until the change in the parliamentary general election on 3 November 2002. it has succeeded in being the only coalition government governing the country (28 May 1999-18 November 2002).

“Secularism is one of the six basic principles of the CHP‘ Six Arrows CH, in which Ecevit is the third leader after Atatürk and İnönü. Secularism is one of the fundamental principles of Ecevit's DSP, the party of the 1982 Constitution. The DSP program includes the following lines on secularism:

'DEMOCRATIC LEFT secularism in Turkey, modernization, as well as one of the absolute need to democracy and freedom of thought and belief, is seen as a fundamental condition for national unity and independence. Within this understanding, he recognizes the broadest freedom of religious beliefs and respects them indiscriminately. ’

‘Secularism also envisions respect for beliefs. However, since there are also those who do not respect beliefs, DSP particularly uses the expression ‘secularism respecting beliefs’. DSP, with this principle can be leftist pious; likewise, leftists can be religious; he also wanted to emphasize that religiousness is not an obstacle to secularism. ’

“Baykam's allegations that arasında Ecevit [in] ... gave Gulen the hottest, most solidarity messages' between 1998-2002, and that he opened all doors to Gulen at home and abroad with the power and guidance of being prime minister herhangi it lacks a basis. 11 January to 28 May 1999 between the DSP minority government 28 May 1999-18 November 2002 between the DSP-MHPANAP coalition government of Prime Minister Ecevit, 21 March 1999, overseas to emerging and it Gulen to return to Turkey ever since 'all The claim that the doors' opened is a complete slander.

Smiling in his years in Turkey, he has also visited Ecevit, like all political party leaders on several occasions. However, Ecevit cannot give Gülen a ‘message dışında except to thank him for the schools he has pioneered in Turkey and abroad. Although many politicians, writers and artists known to Gülen’s various events and meetings ran almost; Neither Ecevit nor his ministers joined them.

On August 22, 2000, as a result of the investigation initiated by the Ankara State Security Court on the grounds of Gülen's speeches on some national television channels on June 18, 1999, during the period when the DSPMHP-ANAP coalition government, established by Prime Minister Ecevit, was in office, he changed the secular state structure. kurmak to establish a state based on terrorism kurmak. In this case, which went through various stages, in March 2007, the Ankara 11th High Criminal Court acquitted the applicant on the grounds that there was no evidence of the establishment of a terrorist organization using algebra and violence under the Anti-Terror Law, which was amended. the decision was upheld by the General Assembly of the Supreme Court of Appeals in June 2008. ”

"In Turkey today a multi-party political structure, bears the imprint of 12 September 1980 period. At that time, all existing political parties were dissolved by Law No. 2533 dated 16.10.1981; The Law on Political Parties dated 22.4.1983 and numbered 2820 gave the authority of the Ministry of Interior to examine the founders of the party whose names were written in the declaration of the establishment to establish a political party to the National Security Council until the announcement of the result of the first general election of deputies by the Supreme Election Board (late). m) 4); this authority was exercised in such a way as to allow only 3 parties (MDP, HP, ANAP) to participate in the first parliamentary general election on 6 November 1983. 612 founding members founded the DSP on November 14, 1985, together with Bülent Ecevit's wife Rahşan Ecevit, who did not make any attempt to form a party with the permission of the NSC and was already banned politically under the provisional article 4 of the Constitution. The reopening of the CHP was made after the Law No. 2533 dated 16.10.1981 was repealed by Law No. 3821 dated 19.6.1992.

CHP - DSP merger, DSP Chairman Ecevit's state aid and the rights to participate in the elections to protect the rights of the DSP to be under the roof of the DSP on September 9, 1992, the CHP Opening Congress in response to the message 'Democratic Left New CHP' in response to the proposal In the congress, no decision was made on this path; thus, on the left, the possibility of unification under Ecevit's presidency was eliminated. His left division, Turkish politics is therefore not shifting to the right.

Returning to the old club Fenerbahce Baykam Emre Belözoğlu'na criticizing the unfair reaction; it is an example of injustice that he can only accept if he calls on the left side to protest against the former Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit, who lost 500 times this reaction 13 years ago. This call of Baykam, who once walked along the same path as Gülen, could not find any other people to react at a time when those who said that they were deceived were in power, is a strange and strange attitude.

Bülent Ecevit welcomed criticism directed against him in political struggles, not only as CHP Secretary General and Chairman, DSP President but also with his liberal democratic political line that always embraces people of different beliefs and thoughts and ensures wide social consensus; During a period of nearly half a century, deputies, ministers, deputy prime minister and as prime minister will be remembered with love and respect always with memorable service to Turkey is a great politician and statesman. "