Finds of Hungarian relevance have been found in the Caucasus

Finds of Hungarian relevance have been found in the Caucasus Finds of Hungarian relevance were found in the Caucasus
A tomb of Hungarian and Russian archaeologists has probably unearthed tombs related to Eastern Hungarian prehistory.

Archaeological finds have been unearthed at the Andreevskaya Tsel site in Russia, near the northwestern foreground of the Caucasus, MTI reports.

Archaeologists who have excavated the site have previously reported some scattered finds from the site, such as a palmette-patterned ponytail, a piece of tarso plate, a gilded bronze cross-iron saber, and carved belt-decorated ornaments.

Funeral customs and material culture (West-Orientation, vessels, weapons, including saber, arrowheads) show a close relationship with the IX. with the Subbotyici archeological burial horizon defined as a 19th century Hungarian. Researchers will subject the excavated burials to a wide range of analyzes (genetic studies, strontium isotope analyzes, radiocarbon dating) and intend to continue the research in the coming years.

Genetic research is carried out by the Genetics Research Center of the Hungarian Research Institute. The significance of the excavation is given by the fact that a joint Hungarian-Russian archaeological excavation was the first to be carried out in the area, which is mostly a white spot for the current Hungarian archeological research.

Featured image illustration. Source: Vitaly Timkiv / Sputnik
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