Financial transactions would link The Intercept to hacker sought by FBI in Russia

Financial transactions would link The Intercept to hacker sought by FBI in Russia

Considered the most wanted hacker in the world, the Russian Evgeniy Bogachev appears on a financial path that passes through a Brazilian insurance agency, converted from bitcoins, originating from an account identified as being on The Intercept Brasil website, by the American journalist Glenn Greenwald . & nbsp; At least this is the information released by a cracker group code-named Pavão Misterioso, this Sunday afternoon (16).

This Saturday, the group even announced that it would make disclosures about Intercept, through another Twitter account, which was apparently blocked afterwards.

The group's profile brought a series of indications that The Intercept Brasil would have hired the Russian hacker to invade Moro and Deltan Dalagnol's cell phones, in order to generate a legitimacy crisis against Operation Lava Jato. The great financier of The Intercept, Pierre Omidyar, is the owner of E-Bay.

The relationship between Greenwald and another wanted international hacker, Edward Snowden, had already been disclosed, including by National Studies throughout this week. The information released by the group on Sunday reinforces the hypothesis of Russian influence in the operation that revealed private content of the Minister of Justice and federal prosecutors.

Evgeniy Bogachev was once considered a Russian "asset" against the United States, as was Edward Snowden, protected by the Russian government and a personal friend of Greenwald. The FBI has already offered $ 3 million for the capture of Bogachev.

First, in order of importance, the characters.
1-Pierre Omidyar
2-Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev
3-Gleen Greenwald
5- David Miranda and Jean Willys
In the sequence we will dissect who they are in the event and the role of each one in this buff opera.

Panama that will be of fundamental importance in the long explanation that will follow, the place where Bitcoins became Ethereums, and that almost ruin the investigation. Omidyar is the financier behind it all, using everything and everyone in his crusade against the system that made him a billionaire.

PIERRE OMYDIAR, the owner of Ebay, the site that has never hurt since its inception, a French descendant of, who would say, Iranians, with a fierce fight against conservatism, the man who financed the fall of Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine and one of the stars from Panama Papers.

Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev, the vain hacker who, by using an almost homonymous name, made everything as clear as water, because in the final destination of values, Pollingsoon became poolson, as we will see below.

For the Brazilian now trusted the secrecy of Bitcoins, this cancer, untraceable, but in his pride he forgot that Electronic money is untraceable, but the BROKERS THAT TRANSACTION THEM ARE NOT !!!!!

The man who for his brilliance, contacts, and absolute lack of character is the top exponent of First Look Media and holder of 250 million dollars for his crusade. Gramsci would envy.

Gleenn greenwald, the brilliant and unscrupulous lawyer, who defends Nazis as someone who crosses the street, as leftist as anyone can be, the man who made himself financed by the shadows and now has his own Jihad, full of pride, the wizard who dies no one in Congressman.

For when ordering the service, or when buying information provided by Evgeniy Bogachev, we do not yet know which medium is used, and which coincidentally is in the same Russia that now houses Snowden. Old friendships don't go away, right, Glenn?

February in Bitcoins for something that was given? Who paid Evgeniy, if you know, tell us, because we will summon him live on this thread, dear Glenn.

To those who believe they are. Words in the wind here, we will make available in the course of the trail of the money of a Brazilian brokerage to Anapa, Russia, and the great [sic] will be made available. The information was given because someone would pay more than 300 thousand dollars in [sic].

We are under attack and censorship, so I will be brief, some good Brazilian soul using the intercept login started the money tour

Then the money travels through Panama and turns into Ethereums, falling into a brokerage that operates in Anapa, Russia, is converted into rubles and into a vanity bust, one of the biggest hackers in the world misses. Uses the name Viktor poolson to transfer the money to Shanghai .

Pollingsoon, or slavik, or Evgeniy Bogachev misses, using Poolson, which would be the coincidence of the century. But it is not.

I will not be able to quote the purchase and sale of seats in parliament, but soon David Miranda and Jean Willys will have to give an explanation about 700 thousand dollars and an allowance of 10 thousand dollars for the maintenance of a certain BBB abroad.

But we are a Hydra. And look for your great friend.

Now the main thing: you, @ggreenwald appear at Rodrigues Alves number 1 in Rio de Janeiro, you have been here several times renewing your foreigner's wallet, with your Dell notebook, on Thursday and present it, not on the Apple you use to see pornography.

But the Dell where your Cryptobank is, that one of us will personally clarify the complaints and possibly give you a prison sentence. And there is no point in changing HD because the expertise has the equipment assembly line.

You claimed that Moro and Deltan did not deliver theirs, because then, champion of the truth that is, hand over their electronic equipment.

And if this friend of yours or Slavik taught you that MBR even after formatting saves data, we will teach you. I know you are going to hunt us, you have plenty of money, but we are a Hydra, so ...

And if this friend of yours or Slavik taught you that MBR even after formatting saves data, we will teach you. I know you are going to hunt us, you have plenty of money, but we are a Hydra, so ...

Our work ends here, as we have already spent too much time in the air. Be good friends ”.

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