Fehmi Koru asked: What awaits you who won't win on June 23rd?

Fehmi Koru asked: What awaits you who won't win on June 23rd?

I shared a table with a businessman who had served as a minister in a very old past iftar last night. Speaking of the events that we have experienced as a journalist, his politician laughed that when I talked about it, I barely prevented him from being elected as a member of parliament again.

It is true: he was one of the most important figures of Süleyman Demirel's True Path Party (DYP) and was preparing to be nominated by Necmettin Erbakan's Welfare Party (RP), who invited him to be on his list when he broke away from the DYP. All I did was to announce this secret development to the readers in a writing. When the RP management team learned about the issue, they opposed nomination.

The reason he laughed was that he would not feel comfortable, even in those days he could see the wrongness of entering Parliament from an unseen party. I remember later that he told me & nbsp; “Haji didn't want my mother, either, ol & nbsp;

Turgut Özal himself was a person who reconciled with & nbsp; ‘four trends’ & nbsp; Mesap Yılmaz and ANAP's claim of dört four tendencies nbsp & nbsp; pruned.

We have an extremely critical Istanbul mayoral election ahead of us. AK Party candidate & nbsp; Binali Yildirim & nbsp; or CHP candidate & nbsp; Ekrem Imamoglu & nbsp; whether the rope breast, will learn on the election day. Whoever wins, I guess we're all gonna be lucky.

In 1977, Turgut Özal participated in the elections as the first-line deputy candidate from the National Salamis Party (MSP), which was led by Necmettin Erbakan. I know that because I watched his campaign closely, he also wanted to win. He lost the election because he had received several thousand votes and could not enter the Parliament despite his desire.

However, three years after the election, another sinister event in Turkish political history took place and the MSP cadre was eliminated from politics; the leaders were filled in prisons, including & nbsp; Turgut Bey's brother & nbsp; Korkut Özal & nbsp;, tried in a special court of jurisdiction and remained politically banned until 1987.

When the coup was undersecretary, he was the undersecretary of the Prime Minister Turgut Özal; & nbsp; Because the architect of the January 24 economic decisions was known, the soldiers took him to the post of deputy prime minister in charge of the government they founded. When he re-entered political life, he managed to come to power in the first election with the Motherland Party he founded.

The deputy could not be elected to win himself, he worked night and day close staff upset, lovers tying the land, during the campaign days to stay in Istanbul, prefered to stay & nbsp; Semal Özal, his wife was chosen was heard that the victim was cut.

If Binali Yildirim can't be elected, his chamber of parliament is waiting for him because he still has the title of MP. If he cannot digest to become an ordinary deputy, he can throw the cover to the Presidential High Advisory Board, where the former Assembly presidents received an invitation to join, since his most recent mandate was the presidency of the Grand National Assembly.

Of course, it is also possible for President Tayyip Erdoğan to give him a post in the Complex, and to appoint him as an assistant, taking into account the burden of two elections.

Due to the popularity it has gained, there are those who say olur CHP becomes the leader ”& nbsp; but it is not that easy. Policy doesn't pay for failure. Murat Karayalçın & nbsp; had previously experienced the difficulty of being a party leader in the past without being a deputy, and now Meral Akşener is in the same situation.

Is the Istanbul voter aware of this situation? Does he know that he will make a choice between a candidate who doesn't feel lost if he cannot be elected and gives the appearance that he will not be very happy when he is elected and another candidate who has no choice but to step aside when he is not elected?

[Ozal won in 1977 after deputies, although not selected, but it was a different structure turbulent days in Turkey; If you don't win today you will really lose.]

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