Turkey in the last 20 years resolving outstanding issues between those who demand solution installed earlier age pension is located in the last United Public-Business Provincial Representative James Thompson moved the agenda.

Stressing that the pension system in our country should be rearranged according to realistic policies in accordance with the principle of social state, Yakup Tekin emphasized that sosyal The social security system in our country creates controversy and millions of our citizens are bound to the age limit despite the number of retirement premium days filled.

The Problem of Retirees (EAT); In 1999, the DSP, ANAP and MHP were created by the coalition government. This coalition, with the retroactive application of Law No. 4447, which has increased the retirement age, has victimized millions of citizens.

Women who wanted to retire had to take out insurance for 20 years and men for 25 years and fill in the number of 5,000 days of premium payment days. However, with the amendment, the retirement age was increased to 58 for women, to 60 for men, and to 7000 days for premium days. For those who were employed before September 8, 1999, a gradual transition period ranging from 40 to 58 years for men and 44 to 60 years for men was introduced.

The problems of the workers who could not retire due to the fact that they did not reach the age of retirement although they filled the number of premiums required to be retired, have occurred with the change made.

In our country, a total of 6.3 million citizens, 1 million of which are public laborers and 5.3 million in the private sector, meet the age criteria even though they fulfill the conditions of retirement. It is estimated that 1.3 million will immediately retire if the law is passed. & Nbsp; Of this number, 216 thousand people are in the public sector and the rest are in the private sector or other employees.

the cost of the social security system and that the degree of benefit of the citizens in Turkey should not be an excuse. They have paid the number of premiums required for retirement, the expected life and working conditions. Iyla

Emphasizing that millions of EYT victims cannot be ignored justified, Yakup Tekin emphasized that the main demand of those who are age retired should be terminated retrospectively.

In Turkey, the number of victims of EYT is about 6 million people. However, 6 million people will not retire immediately if the law is passed. EYT residents will retire for at least 10 years. & Nbsp;

Pension is normally optional. Only public employees are obliged to retire when they reach the age of 65. There is no such restriction for other employees.

As the United Public-Labor Confederation; The issue of EAT in the Turkish Grand National Assembly should be considered as soon as possible. In our country there is a need for reform that covers the whole of social security starting from retirement and urgently solving the problems of those who age at retirement ”.

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