Evgeniy slavik Bogachev. The most wanted hacker in the world

Evgeniy slavik Bogachev. The most wanted hacker in the world

1. Evgeniy Bogachev is on the FBI's most wanted cybercriminal list1 / 42. Hacker has already been convicted in the US, but lack of extradition agreement with Russia prevents him from going to prison1 / 43. Evgeniy Bogachev is the likely author of the GameOver Zeus malware, responsible for stealing tens of millions of dollars from bank accounts 1/44. Profile made by The New York Times in 2017 says that this Russian hacker does not trust anyone1 / 4 Scroll through the image gallery above by clicking on the arrows. Insider 18.05.2019 / 00:01 He is the most wanted hacker in the world and the FBI pays up to 2.6 million euros for information leading to the arrest of this Russian citizen. FollowingEvgeniy slavik Bogachev. The world's most wanted hackerPortable Matebook D14. A kind of MacBook, cheap and with WindowsTaylors declares Vintage 2018, is the third consecutive year Fresh fish at home? Does SeaMe deliver through Uber EatsCocktails at home? Machimbombo Bar takes them to youMore ViewsWealthThese are the 29 richest countries in the worldCoronavirusNuno Fernandes. This crisis is not an opportunity. It will make us poorer CoronavirusReusable masks reach the Continent and Wells this weekCoronavirusMath diary Covid: We have to go fasterCoronavirusThe first certified reusable masks Evgeniy slavik Bogachev are on sale online. The most wanted hacker in the world

Male, 35 years old, measures 1.52 meters, weighs 81 kilograms, has brown eyes and hair of the same color, despite having his head almost always shaved. He likes to ride a boat and works in the area of ​​information technology. Name? Evgeniy Bogachev. Nickname? Then the story is different.

In the online world this Russian citizen is known as lucky12345, slavik, Monstr, IOO, Nu11ou or Pollingsoon. Already on the website of the US Federal Department of Investigation (FBI) is part of the list of the most wanted hackers and has a reward to match: three million dollars, equivalent to 2.6 million euros, for those who have information leading to the their arrest or conviction.

The last time the FBI heard about this hacker he was in the Anapa region of Russia. That's where he lives, the authorities suspect, openly, because he knows that that country does not have extradition agreements with the United States, where he was already convicted of a computer crime in 2014.

Evgeniy Bogachev is believed to be the author and principal architect of the malicious GameOver Zeus software, a Trojan horse used to steal credentials for accessing online bank accounts. First identified in 2011, it is estimated to have been responsible for the theft of more than $ 100 million from different victims.

Since 2017, the US authorities believe that the Russian government has used the knowledge of this hacker to extract information from other countries. According to a profile published by The New York Times that year, the Russian hacker had more than a million computers in different countries under his control.

While using computers to orchestrate attacks, Russian intelligence services allegedly looked for information on these same computers that could give them access to confidential information from other nations.

But getting information about Evgeniy Bogachev can be difficult: in addition to being an expert in the online world, he is known for not trusting anyone in the real world.

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