Ertuğrul Özdemir, a former MP from ANAP, found peace in the village

Ertuğrul Özdemir, a former MP from ANAP, found peace in the village

In the general elections held on 29 November 1987 during the Prime Ministry of the late President Turgut Özal, Ertuğrul Özdemir was found in the village of happiness and peace in his village. 15:08 - 30 May 2018 News Agenda social-facebook social-twitter aplus aminus envelope printer more

Ertuğrul Özdemir, who entered the parliament as an army deputy in the elections that ANAP won in 1987, took a break from politics for a while when he did not win in the 1991 elections. Özdemir was appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives between 1997-2001. After this duty, Ertuğrul Özdemir, who had been trading in Istanbul for a while, decided to return to his village in 2014. Özdemir, who started to deal with livestock and agriculture on 60 decares of land in Ardıç District of Ordu's Kabataş district, has 15 sheep, 10 beehives and 50 chickens.

On the other hand, ex-MP Ertuğrul Özdemir, who also spoke about amateur photography, expressed his thoughts as follows: I was dealing with trade in Istanbul. I closed the notebook. I thought I had neglected my father, my mother, the village. I settled in the village. A person with 10 acres of land in the village earns 10 times more than the city and is 10 times happier. I am happy and peaceful in the village. I spend time with my animals. The neighbors who see what I do tend to animal husbandry. I only land on the Kabataş district center on Fridays. My other days are in the field or with animals. There is no end to wealth. People want it as they want. I am a retired deputy. I have 4 children, all married. I don't work, I sit but I can't be happy. I am happy with the soil in my village. After the age of 60, people should spare time. I love the poem of Aşık Veysel by Kara Toprak. In this world, it is the black earth that saturates it and takes it under death.

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