Erdogan to start an interesting discussion

Erdogan to start an interesting discussion

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The parties are entering the final round of nomination. Candidates are preparing to go out on the field. The AK Party will announce its election declaration and manifesto on 19 February. The CHP has a party council tomorrow. Mersin and Kahramanmaras are expected to be announced in the provinces. The critical PM meeting will be held after 1 week or 10 days after the candidate for mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and the district mayor candidates of Istanbul and Ankara will be announced. Because the alliance negotiations with the GOOD Party did not end. Then give your hand choices.

AK Party on Saturday, leaving the MHP Adana, Mersin, Manisa and Osmaniye with the announcement of candidates for the district mayor candidate is expected to complete the process of determination. AK Party is working stage by stage. After the determination of the candidate will be given weight declaration and manifesto. The election declaration is said to be based on T 3T:: toplum Clean society, clean environment, clean municipalism ”.

AK Party is hanging in the local elections with the slogan “heartfelt municipalism”. In order to prevent the perception of ibir arrogance 16 during the 16-year rule, Erdoğan says “heartfelt municipalism”. It was after the 1989 local elections, when the ANAP suffered a heavy defeat. ANAP held a meeting in the conference hall of the General Directorate of Highways in Ankara to discuss the election results. A mayor who lost the election at the meeting chaired by Özal took the floor and said, “Mr. Prime Minister, we were very aired, the nation took our air.” He was right. Because in the 1989 local elections, ANAP's desire to rub his nose came to the fore. In order to avoid such a perception with his political experience, Erdoğan sets out with his “heartfelt municipalism”. As with people, every choice has its own soul. The spirit of this election has not yet emerged.

If the political climate does not break, we will witness a campaign period in which the projects will compete. AK Party's candidate for the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Özhaseki, today at 11.00 in Ankara project is holding a publicity meeting. At the AK Party headquarters, 111 projects will be announced under 11 headings. ”The essence of the work has the word Haseki” slogan.

President Erdoğan aims to initiate an intellectual debate with his manifesto. Idris Küçükömer the "left is right in Turkey, we can see right fade" in the definition of reflections. He plans to open the debate on the left's attitude calling for a coup, underestimating national will, questioning the legitimacy of the elected. Turkey has two main concerns. One, military-civilian relations. The other is the debate of national will.

As CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu opened the debate on the legitimacy of the elected President. It is the irreparable problem of Turkish intellectuals. Applauding the coups, they take part in the constituent assemblies or advisory assemblies of the coup administrations; they underestimate the election, the ballot box and the national will by saying “ballot box democracy” or “nice democracy”. This is how they prepared the process to March 12. The chairman of the businessmen's association of our region told us that a group of people in Nişantaşı, in the first moments of the coup attempt, made a “Çak” sign and welcomed the coup with applause. There were those who went to the streets to celebrate on the beaches, which were holiday and entertainment centers. As long as they get rid of Erdogan. Even with a coup. On May 27th to celebrate as those who came on top of the tanks ... Kenan Evren, September 12, gathered the press clapping the coup had made a book. Leave the book, even an encyclopedia.

This time Erdogan will intravenously enter. Of course, if you give him the trump card ‘maybe he gets hung in the leg, maybe he gets poisoned in the cellar’, Erdoğan goes on top of him ...

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