Elena Dragoni, Vice President of the National Vicar of Sna and President of the Provincial Section of Pavia: A lot of pride and conviction

Elena Dragoni, Vice President of the National Vicar of Sna and President of the Provincial Section of Pavia: A lot of pride and conviction

Elena Dragoni, Vice President Vicaria Sna and President of the Provincial section of Pavia. "I started to actively engage in the Syndicate in 2008 by joining the Rcauto Commission, which for me will remain the" mythical RCA commission ", led by Dario Castoldi, with which we have done many interesting jobs. involved in his team with the intention of bringing new air and a new spirit of service to the Syndicate, which was passing one of the darkest periods of its almost hundred-year history. Having won the National Congress, I dealt with technical commissions and various issues as a member of the National Executive then, in 2014, when Demozzi renewed his Executive, he asked me to assume the position of Vice President, a position that I accepted with a bit of fear but with so much pride and conviction. today to claim to have succeeded in interpreting this very delicate role with the due consistency and determination I hope I have done - and are doing - the my part in the interest of all the agents and that my commitment is appreciated by my colleagues. In 2014, moreover, at the request of some colleagues, I assumed the leadership of the Provincial section of Pavia, with a young and motivated team.

The role of Provincial President gives me the opportunity to protect and assist in the front line and to closely monitor the territory. A beautiful experience!

I started this significant path of trade union activism, because when you feel you have something important to give, as in every sector of volunteering, you just give it, without asking too many questions. In my personal case, among other things, even moral strength, trade union faith and the determination of President Demozzi have convinced me to commit myself, to risk myself in favor of the agency category, without ifs and buts, just like the President repeats continuously.

The Provincial Sections, the Provincial Presidents and the Regional Coordinators are the backbone of the Syndicate. They must implement the union strategy in the territory and provide that proximity service that characterizes Sna with respect to any other association. I would say that in almost all cases the Sections succeed, with some exceptions we are working on. Often the problems are solved simply by comparison, dialogue; other times there are typically local criticalities that are generally more difficult to solve, but the numbers clearly state that we almost always succeed thanks to the synergy, the closeness that the Demozzi presidency has reinforced between the summit and the membership base.

The National Executive, for its part, can do a lot, starting with training plans dedicated to those who work on the front line in the territory, passing periodic meetings to update on the strategies and results gradually obtained by the national summit, to avoid any risk of detachment between the various management levels of the Syndicate.

The first purpose of a Provincial Section, in my opinion, should be to involve colleagues. Without involvement there is no association life. We cannot afford to lose the spirit of belonging, of participation that distinguishes us. I can say, as far as we are directly concerned, that the last Provincial Assemblies and recent events in the Pavia area were completely sold out. The percentage of Sna penetration in the Pavia Provincial is also good: almost 60% of the total number of operating agents. I believe that the motivation must be sought in the fact that we have been able to involve colleagues.

I also believe that the trade union political action of this Executive is also bearing fruit in terms of membership of the Syndicate, so some accessions are almost automatic. In some cases, they should only be stimulated, sometimes a phone call is enough ... So, to optimize the involvement of registered colleagues and attract non-registered colleagues, I would really recommend working in the area. Put in place initiatives, opportunities to meet and discuss with all the registered and unregistered agents, so that everyone's work is clear and the usefulness, for everyone, of being part of it. Of the activities carried out in our Province I would mention the training courses, operational and informative meetings, assistance in the case of administrative inspections and some cases of revocation. Nothing particularly innovative, but great involvement and team spirit of the Provincial Executive.

Why join Sna? Because Sna is the only trade union association of agents that really protects the interests of this professional category, an indispensable point of reference in defense of our entrepreneurial prerogatives, the only organization that is not afraid to oppose, up to the classrooms of justice, businesses and Authorities when they damage our interests. The only symbol of representation that always and only takes the side of the Representatives, that is of the professional insurance Agents! ".

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