Drama for the BOX delegation from the European Championships! Titi "Towel" Tudor suffered a heart attack in Russia!

Drama for the BOX delegation from the European Championships! Titi Towel Tudor suffered a heart attack in Russia!

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Titi Tudor, the coach who discovered former world champion Leonard Doroftei, suffered a heart attack on Thursday night after a match in the quarterfinals of the European Junior Boxing Championships in Anapa (Russia), Secretary-General told MEDIAFAX of the federation, Viorel Sima.

"Last night, after the match in the quarterfinals he suffered a crime. He was transported to the hospital a hundred kilometers from Anapa and a decision is to be made whether or not to be operated. The operation would be performed there, because is not transportable, is excluded the variant of transport in this situation. The first 72 hours are very important after such an incident, "said Sima.

Coach Titi Tudor is known to live at high intensity all the matches that his students play, during which he bites continuously from a towel. For this reason, Titi Tudor received the nickname of Titi "Towel".

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