Dilipak: The end of this trip is like the end of ANAP

Dilipak: The end of this trip is like the end of ANAP

"In this election, only 11 districts of 25 districts in front of the AK Party CHP" reminding Dilipak, conservative people living in the counting known counting of the density, "Think about it, even in Üsküdar, Fatih and Eyyub," he said.

Dilipak for the results of the "responsible should be found, do not stay next to the profits and sanayide" he said, "the end of this trend would be like the end of the ANAP," he warned. & Nbsp;

It was obvious that this would be the case. Someone didn't want to hear, didn't want to see. They went over the shields to sing. Even the results of public opinion research were presented and revised and published.

The success of the CHP; AKP Media in the AK Party, trolls guided by the same mentality, singing the AK Party "Love and love" songs, "We did, we do it again in the air", success in his own hands, "the treasure of the heavens in his own hands" pretending to be in their hands "Bel'am" ”politics“ of character “Casanova,,“ arrogance cubes ”,“ fame fools ”, olmayan walking with their feet on the ground”, “walking with their feet on the ground”, bağımlı brand-dependent ”, showing the richness of the brain dı green bureaucrats,, “green capital” and “green feminists en provided the” bureaucrats and businessmen k in disguise. If there is a defeat, it must be investigated. He should be in charge, there should be no profit and apply sanctions. Otherwise, it will be like the end of ANAP!

In fact, the CHP did not win. Opportunism won. The shifts to the right in the CHP, the left-shifters in the AK Party met and this result appeared. Ankara won the CHP ?! Imam Hatipli went to Istanbul, the Qur'an came with a course. Already today, the point of Imam Hatiplerin the middle. The buildings are nice but hollow. İmamoğlu AK Party ranks in politics, as of today, no one can not notice the difference. If you see İmamoğlu as a threat or danger, look inside yourself, there are many more dangerous men in the AKP ranks than İmamoğlu! There is a person in the town council of your district who regularly performs prayers. So is your county administration. The pot rolled, he found the lid. Some of the people under the leadership of the party have studied abroad and have a master's degree. Soon they will say, "Where did morality come from?" The values ​​education is given by NLPists. It's like Carnegie's atı art of saying and doing business!! What the so-called “Cultur activities Bel in the municipalities had already shifted to a great extent! There was a “Black Sea wind, and“ Trabzonspor ”won. AK Party member “Trabzon people” voted for hemş Erzincanlı değil and not their citizens. This is the result. Culture, Arts, Sports of Municipalities böyle This is the preference of the young population produced by the state's educational policies.

On top of that, you added Congregationalism and Congregational competition. Critical friends were removed, this result was destitute when the owners of cringe Media, NGOs and Capital surrounded the environment. This is the end of politics with showcases, screen face, political marketing with the petty logic, slogans and discourse produced by advertising agencies.

You were coming and talking, and after you went in the halls, people were talking about Yıldırım's children, Noble and Groom fight. The future of families and young people was discussed. Are you aware of how the parking was free for 1 hour or how the young people wished to translate free internet in the minds of the public. Nobody wondered what the rest of the people understood after these words and how they reacted. They came with vala and went as they came. His hands and feet were not empty, but in fact they did not have a job. Bribery, corruption, torpedoes, driving license and merit, almost no one even took them.

Justice, Family, Youth are experiencing serious problems. So is education and agriculture. The sustainability of health is controversial. Concerns about foreign policy and the economy are increasing. The “Beka” argument was wrong. The memorable, subconscious residue of “Our Rabia bes fed the kork fear of division,, it was wrong. The language of politics was very harsh. This scared people. & Nbsp;

The last Kurdish debate, Öcalan's screen, Greek / Pontus debate, VIP debate was wrong. Sometimes accounts at home do not fit the bazaar and damage the sharp vinegar cube.

Now the CHP will present it as a result of a referendum. AK Party will attack. If the CHP cannot produce a fight ground outside, it will give the fight itself. Imamoglu - Kılıçdaroğlu fight will be experienced. In this sense, the AK Party should not create a new fighting ground. The first messages are in this direction. Now, as soon as the cabinet change, the party organization and senior management should take a hand to the bureaucracy. He's late. Reorganize relations with Media and NGO. He should embrace his old friends, give information and get information. Driving license and merit are important. Corruption must be addressed.

See, in this election, only 11 districts of 25 districts in front of the AK Party CHP. In other words, if the district elections were renewed, 11 districts would remain according to this result. There are 3 districts on the Anatolian side, Ümraniye, Pendik and Sultanbeyli. Sultangazi, Esenler, Gaziosmanpaşa, Arnavutköy, Bağcılar, Başakşehir, Güngören and Kağıthane in Europe. Think of it, you have even lost Üsküdar, Fatih and Eyyüb .. CHP & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 79% in Bakirkoy, 83% in Besiktas, 70% in Adalar, 70% in Adalar 81, 73% in Şişli, 81% in Kadıköy. There is not a single district in which the AK Party received 70% of the vote in Istanbul! 65% Sultanbeyli, 60% Arnavutköy. Only 2 counties. Above 50%: Bagcilar, Basaksehir, G. Osmanpasa, Kagithane, Pendik, Sultagazi, Umraniye, Gungoren. So. In Üsküdar, our vote has fallen from 48% to 44%. From 53 to 49% in Fatih. From 49% to 45 in Eyyüp.

In the Sultanbeyli, where the AK Party received the most votes in this election, our vote fell from 66% to 65%. In Arnavutköy, we decreased from 62% to 60%. We have not increased our vote in any district, between 2% and 5% lost in districts. It cannot be seen how it will be lost by such a big difference. Those who wanted to see this process and warned were silenced and excluded. Who could be more blind than the one who does not want to see? They came in a dream world, they left. In recent days, the “bitter truth m has started to be felt, but they are too late. They were crowded, but they were like “spike fields”. Faced with facts during a fruitless campaign and a fruitless harvest season, faces were hung. Now you have to listen to these bitter criticisms. Instead of blaming others, you have to ask, nerede Where did we go wrong?.

Who knows, maybe this “shock ile will cause us to awaken. Döner We come back from the edge of a cliff. Allah Allah may have done no for things that come to us like evil, and things that come to us like evil. The first thing we need to do now is to get rid of the jobs, words and men that prevent God's help from reaching us. We need to repent. We need to change ourselves. Allah will not change His judgment until we change ourselves. & Nbsp;

It's not the end of the world, yet, it's not too late. Maybe we needed a lesson like this. A plague is a misunderstanding for a thousand. No yeas. No hopelessness, no fear, no panic! & Nbsp;

They deserve evil. Don't think you're gay. Can you say, He will find us from patience, grateful, resisting. It is He who tests us with our goods, our lives, and our loved ones, sometimes by increasing and sometimes decreasing us. & Nbsp;

Look, in this case, some stakeholders will go quietly as they come, even when they make new friends they will betray you. Someone will take this opportunity and come to us. FETÖcılar, PKK members, Israeli, American, European “enemies of Islam ecek will know this opportunity. Our friends will be sad. Let's be patient. Nobody can harm Allah's servants in the mutt. The Mekeralluh!

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