Cossack market in Anapa went to demolition

Cossack market in Anapa went to demolition

On October 1, work began on the dismantling of structures on the territory of the resort complex (KCO) "On the Fortress", popularly known as the "Cossack Market".

Contractor workers slowly dismantle lamps, electrical wiring, unscrew metal sheets in that part of the market where a couple of days ago they traded vegetables, fruits and honey. Some of the counters have already been taken out of here. Sheets of metal, plastic and other items suitable for reuse are neatly folded on the site behind the malls.

A sign at the entrance from the parking lot, which is near the city clinic, warns: "Passage to the clothing market from the Theater Square." The fact is that boutiques with clothes, bathing accessories and household goods are still working. But the merchants say that this is temporary, since the entire shopping complex on Krepostnaya Street will be demolished, and in its place there will be a comfortable square.

As explained by the person on duty at the entrance to the food sector of the market, the deadlines for the complete demolition of the market are not indicated. His watch-boxes, where he is on duty, will also not be. As well as the nearby budget pie, in which pensioners who live nearby eat lunch.

- Of course not! What will I guard, square? We will leave along with the rest: entrepreneurs, traders ... This market gave jobs for more than a hundred people. Now they are forced to seek another application for themselves ...

While a significant part of the shopping complex is working. For example, boutiques from Theater Square, as well as Dairy Products, Alco-Market stores, a dental office, and some other establishments located in capital buildings painted with yellow paint. They, by the way, may remain. Like a hardware store in a brick building - still Soviet-built.

As explained by “ACh” in the Department of Trade and the Consumer Market, the land on which the market is located is vacated after repeated court decisions on the demolition of illegal buildings located there for many years. The dismantling of counters and metal arch structures is carried out by the owners of the outlets themselves, fulfilling the decisions of the court that have entered into force.

The complete dismantling of KCO “On the Fortress” will take at least a month. It is already known that on the site of the former market will be created north with benches, alleys and green spaces, which will become another attraction of the resort.

Recall that in early August we reported that the “Cossack market” is still working, but the merchants knew about the impending demolition of illegal non-capital structures. This was reported to us by the traders themselves, who were awaiting the arrival of bailiffs.

Subsequently, the head of Anapa, Yuri Polyakov, spoke about the prospects of this site in the central part of the city in an exclusive interview with Ach of August 15:

- Courts are still considering cases in some pavilions; decisions on demolition have already been made in some. But the prospect is likely to be demolished.

There the situation is generally interesting: the buildings are on municipal land, and the budget does not receive any taxes from there at all. Sorry, this should not be!

And at the expense of talking about building on the site of the Cossack skyscrapers ... These are rumors again! And this topic itself is invented by those who do not want to lose fabulous profits from the market, going past the budget. And I say - let there be a square there!

There are more vacationers, residents - too, the city needs more green areas, recreation areas. Imagine how great it would be to walk from Theater Square to the Church of St. Onufry along the green alley, and not along the shopping ruins !?

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The weather was a little invigorated by the cold and wind of the Anapans, who were still swimming in the sea last week. But tomorrow at the resort will begin to warm. November 2 will be quite cold. In the afternoon, the air temperature warms up to 4-6 degrees. But due to the northeast wind it seems that the temperature is minus. No precipitation is expected. The sky will be clear. November 3 will noticeably warmer. The air temperature during the day 11-13 [...]

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