Cody Rhodes responds to the AEW song during cell hell

Cody Rhodes responds to the AEW song during cell hell

After the end of a cell race seen by Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt Hell through the judges' stoppage on Sunday, fans of the Golden 1 Center were sent a blind rage about the result. The people started a series of songs, from demanding a refund to restarting the match. But one chorale stood out especially "AEW!" This was far from the first time a young advertising campaign was aired on WWE television, but for WWE it came at a particularly failed time, given that Dynamite had just upgraded NXT in its ratings in its first week.

Cody Rhodes, one of AEW's top stars and vice president of advertising, spoke at Joe Cronin's show this week and was asked if the company would be mentioned during Sunday's main event.

"I didn't watch pay-per-view, but when they do, your phone starts to burst and your social bursts," Rhodes said. "When a crowd marries something, be it 'boring', whether it's a promotion, whether it's your name, it means they want to be rewarded with something. That's just the way you're in circuit wrestling 101 and we know we want to reward them.

"It was flattering," he added. "I don't want to agree on this just because I know one of the men in this match got it agreed and the job isn't that easy, but still, when we hear those songs, it's more validation than what we're doing and what we have said about this existing market is real. "

Dynamite began its premiere with a strike between Rhodes and Sammy Guevara, in which the former WWE Superstar won to hold his place in the upcoming AEW World Cup match against Chris Jericho in a paid Full Gear watch.

"As I move forward, I would ask for this one favorite: talk to me," Rhodes wrote. "John Cena once told me that if fans clap their hands or pinch their feet or give a visceral indication that they want something, you have to do something. Otherwise, they will stop making noise. Please share your feedback with me. I want it all. Good, bad, ugly. What we did right, what went wrong, and why. Let me help you create and customize the right product for you. "

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