Cody Rhodes Legends Made Right, Taz, Introduces Plans for AEW Top Five Ranking Systems

Cody Rhodes Legends Made Right, Taz, Introduces Plans for AEW Top Five Ranking Systems

Cody Rhodes says AEW will deliver on promises to make wins and losses significant, and talks about plans to continue expanding his new AEW Dark web series.

Cody Rhodes sat with Wrestlezone CEO Bill Pritchard before AEW Dynamite in Philadelphia today, and the American nightmare made it clear that the documents are really important in the long run as the company plans to introduce the top five leaderboard systems in the near future. Cody was asked if he was selected for Full Gearis to meet Chris Jericho based on the record and if there would be a specific end date for selecting future contestants. Cody explained that the current plan is to introduce a top five system for each division in front of AEW Full Gear, and explained how this would strengthen the brand's sports-centric feel and familiarity with fans.

On Friday before Full Gear, I think we'll put our top five in the top three and it should become a weekly thing. It's not just a broadcast, it's also social, as in college football and the AP poll, you get your best 20. If sometimes it's a 5-0 man, you won't be in the top three because of the quality of the wins, the softness of the schedule and it's fun because of college football people especially argue about how close we get to the playoffs when people have to go in. Said Cody. Currently, the PAC has these big wins over Hangman Page and Kenny Omega. He is currently the state of Ohio for us. There has to be a title race in her future, and if she continues to win and continue, I believe we have a top three for our women before Full Gear, for labels and singles, and now that we have them over and over every week, it helps us so much with the data .

I've expanded to be fair, Kevin Sullivan expanded the bottom third of the talent so you can see their records. We want their records to be more present because Jim Ross talks about them, Tony Schiavone talks about them. Said Cody. If we get a few more wins, a few more losses, a few more draws, even if they don't, it really helps to create the tapestry for us that we promised, and it wasn't just a campaign promise. Sports-centric, matches will be won by boys who receive title matches.

Cody then reiterated the importance for both him and the AEW team of making a promise to keep their products sport-centric, noting that this was nothing to disappear or that they would choose when to rank. He says there is logic to everything and their timing should allow them to implement the system.

In addition to some of the technical or statistical things you'd expect from AEW, Cody also talked a little about how Taz agreed to comment on the AEW Dark recording in Philadelphia. Last month, Taz responded to fans' comments about his status, noting that he had been healthy in conversations with some companies, but it wasn't right for his career at the time. Last week, Cody announced that Taz would be back on this week's show and said they regularly take mutual recognition of cigars and things went on.

Me and he talk about cigars. And I think he was waiting to talk other than cigars, and he let me know. You know he talked to everyone and he's a worthy person there, he's great in the comments. He's generally reasonable about what he's potentially able to offer, we just need to make sure that vision is in line with the vision we have for wrestling, and when I say I mean me, Matt, Nick and Kenny. In that case, Cody said because I have a definite idea of ​​old school wrestling, but my team doesn't. We like it when they have a wrestling buffet, if that makes any sense. I think Taz could be a great addition, I’m excited to see how he doesn’t know how he’s doing great, but I’m glad to see him in Phillys tomorrow because I like that the legends are done correctly. I think that does the legend right. He has to be out there, but he comments on fresh faces of the first degree that he may not have seen before, and that's rubbing.

Cody also said that Dark's idea is to constantly expand it and help him grow. He is also considering the idea of ​​placing wrestling talents in a box. He mentioned his work, commenting on the WWE Main Event, giving WWE Michael Cole recognition as someone who taught him a lot about the business. Cody talked about how useful it is to have different voices in the box, referring to the two names of AEW's current escort team, Jim Rossi and Excalibur, why buffet-style wrestling works.

Modern fans who are critical of Jim Rossi love Excalibur, and then old-school fans who love Jim Rossi are critical of Excalibur. That's why they're together again. That's why. Cody said that Excalibur gives the West Coast and a new generation a hyper-indy-cultural wrestling, and Jim gives the biggest rub on being in this industry and reaching a new phase in his career as the greatest announcer of all time, so I like that balance and make a buffet.

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