Coaster Euro-Star has appeared in Russia

Coaster Euro-Star has appeared in Russia

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De Euro-Star was considered lost, now it turns out that the famous roller coaster has found a new home - far away from the Rheinkirmes, on which it celebrated its premiere in 1995: roller coaster fans have them in a leisure park in Anapa, Russia Spotted Black Sea.

The Euro-Star had been developed by the Düsseldorf showman Oscar Bruch, who had many large roller coasters travel across the fairgrounds. A permanent guest on the Rheinkirmes is about the Alpina Bahn.

The special feature of the Euro-Star: It was an inverted coaster, so the passengers could let their legs dangle - as well as on the "Black Mamba" in Phantasialand. The railway, which was transported by 84 trucks, but always made technical problems. The break they sold in 2008 to a Moscow Park, since 2011, she had not been spotted.

If you feel like driving with the Euro-Star again, you have to accept a longer journey. By car one drives according to route planner 34 hours to Anapa.

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