CHP 1989 trauma

CHP 1989 trauma

Için We will implement the principle of çı populist municipality için in order to sustain our success. Mayors will obey the seven rules we set, and we will follow them from the Headquarters. Our 7 core principles include non-discriminatory service, positive discrimination to poor neighborhoods, transparency, merit and justice and governance. ”

The day after the 26 March 1989 local elections, “ANAP was defeated by the unexpected: Özal voter coup” headline Milliyet Newspaper, on the first page of ANAP Deputy Chairman Oltan Sungurlu gave a reporter's question; Silindir You're asking if it hurts? Silindir he announces his aggressive answer to his readers.

Having won 43.24 percent of the vote in the 1984 local elections, ANAP lost 23.74 percent of its votes in the March 26, 1989 elections, losing Ankara, Istanbul and a large part of the big city municipalities.

And the SHP, led by Erdal İnönü, wins Nurettin Sözen and Istanbul, Murat Karayalçın and Ankara with 32.76 percent of the votes, and Yüksel Çakmur and İzmir, the mayors of 39 provinces.

Because ANAP does not expect that it will come out of the ballot box with such a big defeat, nor does it look like this in 1985. SHP, born of the merger of SODEP and HP, said that it would come out of the ballot box with such a tremendous victory ...

ANAP realizes that it has lost blood and will be defeated in the ballot box. When he realizes that he cannot save the situation with his election promises, he hangs posters giving the messages “choose the candidate of mayor of the ruling party”. In fact, a man who cannot move to newspapers with thick ropes tied in a chair makes an officially drawn ad and asks the constituent: seç Would you like a mayor with his hand tied? Anda. In other words, the ruling party ANAP threatens voters. Even if the mayors of SHP, RPP, RPP and DSP are elected, they will not be able to work, serve, and have a hands-on mayor.

Conclusion: & nbsp; ANAP, which almost lost its hands to the ballot box, received severe destruction, and the SHP went down in history as a great victory.

Two days after the elections, before the elected mayors took their mazbatas, the newspapers appeared with the news of “5 shackles from Özal”. According to the news, Prime Minister Özal, who said et We do not help municipalities that are not from us inde during the election process, will apply cuts and cuts to the municipalities under the name of fren brake on stability inflation ”. New municipalities will be left alone with the debts made for works such as subway, tube passage and business center. (March 29, 1989, Milliyet)

“The ANAP organized a meeting in Ankara at the conference hall of the General Directorate of Highways to discuss the results of the 1989 local elections. A mayor who lost the election at the meeting chaired by Özal took the floor and said, “Mr. Prime Minister, we were very aired, the nation took our air.” He was right. Because in the local elections of 1989, ANAP's desire to rub his nose came to the fore. ”(3 January 2019, Hürriyet, Abdülkadir Selvi)

An important aspect of the 1989 local elections is that it was the first election that President Erdoğan was running for. Erdoğan raised his party to third place with the votes he received in the 1989 elections, which the Welfare Party entered as a candidate for Beyoğlu.

Nurettin Sözen, SHP's mayor of Istanbul, and 39 other mayors won by the SHP, performed quite unsuccessfully. After winning the 1989 elections, the mayors of the SHP exhibited such a bad municipalism that in the 1991 general elections the SHP suffered a major defeat at the polls. Moreover, it was exhibited between 1989 and 1994 & nbsp; o Thanks to the poor municipalism AK Party & nbsp; especially in Istanbul, "CHP period, there were piles of garbage, there was thirst," he could eat the reminder, even with these reminders, the CHP masses could take the vote in local elections.

However, it is necessary to make sure that Murat Karayalçın performed successfully in Ankara Municipality. It has implemented the “Ankara Program” project, which is still remembered today, which was prepared to bring Ankara to the standards of European capitals.

Well, after the Istanbul elections again with 806 thousand votes difference, "We do not want to experience the trauma of 1989," said Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu what did he mean?

First ... Municipalities were won in 1989, but the mayors did not provide good municipal services. They failed and the result was traumatic in the ballot box.

Second ... I think that's what he meant by "trauma". Murat Karayalçın, a very successful mayor, left the mayor a year before the 1994 elections and became the leader of SHP.

There is a perception towards the CHP organization. As soon as a good name emerges, it is wanted to be brought to the head of the party. As a matter of fact, the same arguments are going on for Ekrem İmamoğlu.

When CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu said uz we do not want to experience the 1989 trauma asıl, he meant this and he could have given this message to the party organization and the public.

I must underline the fact that today Turkey's locomotive, Mr. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu Ankara and the change of the party in the acquisition and conversion of Istanbul's efforts so far to exhibit & nbsp; has great contribution. The status quo, statist, fixed himself, can not go out of the mass, the people can not touch, the values ​​of society, the elite behavior of the CHP leadership since 2010 came to the center, to meet with the community, tried to make a party that takes into account the demands of society.

The CHP is reaping the fruits of these efforts today. CHP nominated Ekrem İmamoğlu for his efforts to change and integrate with society. Today, if there is a CHP organization that can embrace and internalize Ekrem İmamoğlu, let's face it that Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu's success.

This is the truth. Because there was a perception of CHP that did not have the staff to solve the problems of the country. With these selections & nbsp; together we have a very important opportunity. & nbsp; Let's see if he will succeed this time or will he experience trauma again?

After the story that I will quote below, you will understand why I have quoted these words in the title. When you read it, I'm sure you'il agree with me. However, among you, "I wish" you will say a ...

This statement, which I drew to the title, is one of the reputable legal scholars of our country. Dr. It belongs to Kemal Eyes. *** One of the most important problems in our country is the quality problem in the judiciary. One...

You're right, but let's not forget anything. The ones who raise the skin of Islamism !!! This is the most important factor in recent elections. Between the ages of 19-40, the literate world knows more than 35 percent of the voters who will determine all future elections. Party baggage will finish their conversation and even finishers independence of the Turkish Republic of Turkey ilelebed protectors. They are the only determinants of the next elections.

Mr. Elif Cakir, how does it feel to carry a Hermes purse worth $ 50,000 ($) on the arm of a woman? How many million citizens in our country are approaching the limit of hunger, how can you explain this to the millions who live on minimum wage (?)

You say Murat Karayalcin was successful. When you are the mayor, you forget the 20 kilometers of pipes that are laid in the garden. Write down his corruption. The streets of Ankara were full of garbage and write it down.

There is no mistake, no.yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which starts with the Osmangazi Bridge and Izmir highway, the nation's pocket pile pardon 20 years of pile is talking about. I suppose the address has come up with a difference of 806 thousand difference.

sec. author sn. kaftancıoğlu'nun journalist sea zeyrekle yapyığı yaptıgiyi read okumumuzdur umarı president we have done a research how the people of Istanbul wants a candidate he worked according to him and we asked many names, known handicap negative aspects of the known was not recognized and was not recognized in the least imamoğlu objection was not known From this interview understood the wishes of the people imamoğlu worked on a selection process entered chp. that is, imamoğlu exhibited behavior on the desired traits. chp will not be able to play this movie much ...

The biggest mistake of the CHP / SHP in the 90s is that it goes to strict sectarian and ethnic cadres in the municipalities and neglects the problems of the cities. In the municipal services, districts with more creamy layers were favored. As a social democrat, I vote for the CHP. I hope you don't make the same mistake. Fasting, making poor prayer, the poor people, going to the opera, who wanted to cut holiday slipped in Europe is not snored, excluded.

What beautiful Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu guzellemesi yapmışsın.başiyi cost him etmissiniz.siz still the election CHP won the AK Party's CHP won the AK Party did not understand the CHP would win the room if Ahmet Mehmet would not win the CHP.

IMM owes $ 29 billion. Stealing, flapping, non-transferring resources, transparent account can give an honest management can reduce this debt.İstanbula tunnel, bridges, airport, already built and operate as a model on the transition and flight guarantee was made by giving. As a citizen, first of all, I expect a clean city, traffic problem, social and cultural services, an earthquake preparation, a housing transformation that does not aggravate the people, solves the problem of land registry, collects unsold newspapers and magazines and distributes them free of charge at metro entrances.

You threw too high. President Imamoglu said on TV himself haberturk. IMM said it has an economy that can transform its debt together with its affiliate companies. In addition, the debt in TL is mentioned.

how important a determination, a very important detail you have caught, you took it out of the big article? Come on, you pulled out, if you came out right ...!

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